Mind Of Moreno: Trump Has Accomplished More Than Obama Because He’s White

Councilman Jose F. Moreno posted this on his Facebook page last week. Moreno is an ardent supporter of socialist Bernie Sanders and his “Medicare for All” scheme – which would outlaw private health insurance. It would force the 170-million or so Americans who rely on private health insurance into a government-funded and controlled health care system.

Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday victories over Sanders reduce the likelihood of private health insurance being outlawed, the market value of private insurance companies naturally improved. Moreno, however, finds it dismaying.

More interesting than his expected economic illiteracy is the ensuing commentary that illustrates how steeped many Democrat activists have become in racial and identity politics.

When Democrat activist Art Lomeli tries to accentuate the positive by hoping Biden can beat Trump and elect a Democratic Congress with his coattails, Moreno rains on his parade:

Moreno’s glass-half-empty stance notwithstanding, Obama did more to advance the progressive political agenda than any president since Lyndon Johnson, with a massive expansion in federal control and regulation of the economy.

Rather than point out the obvious to Moreno, Lomeli says Obama didn’t get more done because he’s black.

Obama got an overwhelmingly Democratic Congress to enact ObamaCare, a nearly $1 trillion in “stimulus” spending, the Sarbanes-Oxley bill to re-regulate the banking and financial services, and a number of other progressive initiatives. According to Lomeli, the only thing standing between Obama and even greater achievements during his first two years was Congressional bigotry.  Not Obama’s partisan, my-way-or-the-way approach or policy overreach – but because a racist Congress didn’t want to work with a black president.

Did Councilman Moreno express skepticism, or offer more prosaic and self-evident reasons? No. Instead, Moreno responds, “Good point” – as if Lomeli’s claim that a president’s success or lack thereof is a function of institutional racism is self-evident, requiring no further explanation or substantiation.

To normal people living in the real world, this contention is laughable. But to occupants of the woke psycho-political universe where success and failure are determined by unseen but pervasive forces of racism and bigotry; where life is viewed through race-colored glasses – claims of racism are accepted at face value, with nor further discussion necessary.

When you’re a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. The minds of today’s progressives are so thoroughly marinated in the idea that America is – as Bernie Sanders says – “racist society from top to bottom,” that all opposition to their agenda and every defect in society can be blamed on “racism.”


  1. Maureen Blackmun

    The man is a race baiter

  2. Larry Herschler

    How about the inherent sexism in running for President. Why is Warren not dominating this election cycle. Trump is an undeniable racist and there is not a woman who should vote for him. What exactly has he accomplished? Waiting for details.????

  3. Obama refused to work with the Republican House to pass needed Federal Legislation. He refused to develop a bipartisan Medical Insurance Plan legislation because it will compromise his vision. Obamacare passed with zero Republican votes. Obama is radical, but he achieved very little in his 8 years since he refused to compromise.

  4. And Tulsi is going where? It seems that you and I might be the only ones who know she is running. As for repeal and replace, that went a long way?? It is looking like Bernie might be right, Medicare for All. And yes, “the virus will go away and it is not bad. “Now that Disney is down, Angels down, basketball down, I think we need to make sure everyone has access to medical care. The Republicans shot down Hilary years ago, the republicans shot down Obama and he still got something started which improved health care and lowered the uninsured rate.

  5. While I don’t agree with Moreno on issues like Medicare For All at this time (rather see Medicare Public Option along with Medicaid Expansion as a transition) Obama was hampered after getting the ACA passed and yes race did play a part of it. The GOP refused to play ball and were determined to make him a 1 term President. Trump and others used race baiting like the birther movement to put pressure on the GOP members of congress. Obama had little political capital to get much needed immigration reform.

    Fact of the matter Trump has put the US and parts of the world in great danger with his America First programs. Science matters and so should the work of the CDC, FDA and EPA. Instead of being obsessed with the stock market, Trump should have been preparing our health system last fall and winter when this thing went crazy in China.

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