There are many heroes in this crisis who deserve our praise. I have mentioned some of them before.

Very special thanks must be given to our medical workers in hospitals who are caring for the sick at great personal risk to their own health.

Thank you to our City’s first responders, Anaheim Fire & Rescue personnel and Police Officers, who also continue to provide service, at risk to their health, whether they are responding to a potential COVID-19 case or any of the thousands of 9-1-1 calls or non-emergency calls that they respond to.

To the rest of our dedicated city employees who still are working, utility workers who keep the power and water on, building inspectors doing virtual or in person inspections, public works staff keeping our streets safe, and many more – thank you!

Special thanks to the Grocery and restaurant workers who continue to work so that we may all have food and other essential goods!

And, many thanks to our school districts, that are providing meals throughout the week to our children, and to our teachers doing their best to continue educating our youth during this challenging time.

But I want to talk another group of heroes – our Anaheim residents.

We have seniors who are at high risk, and even more shut in than the rest of us due to high-risk health concerns, but they still manage a brave and loving smile as they stay connected with family and friends by using Facetime or other ways to reach out, especially with their grandkids to maintain family connections. To all our seniors: a great big thank you.

For our school age kids who miss playing with their friends, or going to school and learning, or playing in their sports leagues – little league and spring soccer and volleyball and more – and who may not completely understand why they cannot enjoy these activities – thank you, kids. Better days are ahead. Thank you for being brave.

My heart especially goes out to our high school seniors who are missing the best part of their senior year in high school. They may not get a proper high school graduation.  Thank you! You will be a special graduating class in Anaheim because of your sacrifices to help protect us all. You will head off to college this fall or out into the workforce with memories to share and special bonds with your classmates. Thank you!

To all our adult residents who want to head out to the Anaheim Packing House, or one of our excellent breweries, or to dine out at The Anaheim White House or Mama Cozza’s or your neighborhood burger or fast food restaurant – please continue to order take out or delivery, and thank you for staying home.

Thank you for being brave for your kids or your family. You are helping to save lives.

For members our workforce who are struggling because your employer is shut down – whether in the Resort or elsewhere – I know these are hard times. You worry about how you will pay your bills. You wonder when — or even if — the jobs will come back. Please know that we will get through this together. Please continue to stay at home. Help is on the way from all levels of government – federal, state and from our City – to help you get through this financially and then get our economy moving again, as fast as possible, once the crisis is over.

To our business owners, and small, local landlords who have faced difficult decisions, after spending a lifetime and labor of love to build your business, I know this is hard on you as well. There are also many available resources for you from the federal, state, and local governments. Thank you for the financial sacrifices you have made, and especially, thanks to those who have kept their workers employed even in these challenging times.

To all those residents and business who have donated supplies, helped assemble face masks and face coverings, and checked in with a senior in your neighborhood to ensure they have all they need – thank you.

I want to thank you all. And I need to ask you to keep doing what you are doing,. You are all heroes, because what you are doing is working. Evidence shows that the stay at home orders and social distancing protocols in California are working.  We are flattening the curve. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It may be several more weeks, but we re slowing the spread and preventing our hospitals from being overwhelmed.

All evidence indicates the next few days will show a peak in COVID-19 infections. But if we all stay strong, stay at home, only go out when absolutely necessary, wear face coverings and masks when you are out, and practice social distancing, we will beat this virus. Fortunately, we are not in the situation that Italy, or Spain, or New York City find themselves in because our State, our County and our City acted early to put these difficult measures in place.

While this has been a difficult time for all – socially, mentally, and financially – the alternative would have been far, far worse. When this is done, and it will be done, we have plans in place to make sure Anaheim is first to recover. First to be back open for business. First for the jobs and businesses to return. Anaheim will always lead the way.

Thank you, Anaheim heroes. This is the crisis of our times – the Great Depression, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11 – all wrapped together.

Your response shows that you are all heroes, like those heroes who faced these past crises with public and private bravery… and compassion and community service.

I am honored to be your Mayor in this times, and again, I thank you all.