Anaheim School Trustee Juan Alvarez: People Who Didn’t Vote For Bernie Are “Greedy, Racist, Sexist”

Fellow radicals and AESD Trustees J. Paolo Magcalas and Juan G. Alvarez.

When socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders ended his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination last week, it prompted much wailing and gnashing of teeth from his fervent base of revolutionary progressives. Many of the Bernie Bros on Orange County also hold elected offices in Anaheim, Santa Ana and Garden Grove.

Juan Alvarez was especially out-out by the demise of the Sanders’ socialist crusade. Alvarez teaches at Sycamore Junior High School, and is a member of the Anaheim Elementary School District Board of Education. He’s also an officer of the Anaheim Secondary Teachers Association.

In Alvarez’s mind, there’s no question about who is responsible for the failure of Sanders: the “greed, racism and sexism” of the American people, as he vented on his Facebook page last week:

Sanders didn’t fail because most voters objected to his extremist policies, simplistic ideas, or the prospect of an avalanche of new taxes. In fact, it’s not Bernie’s fault at all, but the fault of greedy, racist, sexist voters who re too stupid to understand “their own best interest.”

Senator Sanders carried 59% of Anaheim Elementary School District voters. According to Alvarez, the other 40% who chose Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bloomberg and other Democrat contenders are greedy, racist sexists who don’t know what’s best for themselves. 40% of Alvarez’s constituents in Trustee Area 2 did not vote for Sanders. Is he “enraged” at them?

This outburst isn’t an outlier, but indicative of how far outside of mainstream thought Alvarez is.

Remember the left-wing freak-out after the Trump Administration took out Iranian terror master Qasem Soleimani and progressive activists fretted a revival of conscription was just around the corner.  When Liz Gracian – a left-wing AUSHD educator who describes her job as “teaching activism” – warned on Facebook “military recruiters who will be out like Sharks getting our kids to enlist,” Alvarez responded that if the draft returned, he’d take his family to Mexico:

AUHSD teacher and new Santa Ana Unified School District Trustee Carolyn Torres gave Alvarez’ plan a thumbs up.

This is the same Trustee Alvarez who, after visiting the border wall at San Ysidro last year, vented his rage, calling the wall “fundamentally wrong” and calling for it to be torn down and for the US to embrace open borders.

Again, these are just expressions of Alvarez’s political radicalism. And now that he and the other members of the Anaheim Elementary School District have voted to incorporate race-based Ethnic Studies into their K-6 curriculum, AESD parents can expect the political radicalism of the AESD Board to filter into their children’s classrooms.


  1. Thank you for reporting on this, please continue.

  2. Electing political buffoons such as this and the majority of the AESD Board and AUHSD Board are why Anaheim Schools in general are so Horrible…The Voters and PTA’s are too blame; Own It!

  3. This is why the education system is the biggest threat to the republic. The system has been hijacked by leftists and has been feeding the idea of socialism and communism to the kids for a long time now.
    Juan Alvarez needs to be fired. Anaheim needs to start teaching true American history again and not the leftists, agenda driven revisionists version of history.

    • This is why countries such as Japan, Singapore and most European countries are way ahead in match and science … because their teachers actually TEACH!! He in crooked California, wannabe teachers like these idiots… are pushing their agenda on young kids. I served for 23 years in the Marine Corps for this grateful Nation and will do it again if asked. My question for these idiots who support socialism , what have you done for America to make her great?

  4. You forgot to put “Opinion” in your title.

  5. DPOC Central Committee has about 12 BernieBros; the reminder are not. Which reflects the country. Let’s see if they follow Dear Leader’s direction and vote for Biden. I say they won’t. And what will Bernie do with the millions in campaign contributions he has? Another house? He’s a one percenter after all

    • Yo champ, they are all going to vote for Biden. Where do you get off thinking you can look into progressives’ minds?

      BTW you should unblock my comments on your blog, you’d get more readers.

  6. As always that’s not at all what Juan said. It’s so easy to do what you do, pretend someone said something that’s pretty far from what they said, feign all kinds of outrage, enjoy the equally outraged comments of some conveniently anonymous commenters, and voila!

    Now a lot of people think that Juan Alvarez said that people who didn’t vote for Bernie are greedy, racist and sexist!

    Carry on… (by the way sounds like “Unstableheim” is back…)

    • It’s funny to see Vern pretend like he cares about the truth. Thanks for the laugh, Vern!

    • How can you defend what Alvarez said? He’s “enraged” at Americans who didn’t vote against Bernie. And since Alvarez sees Bernie’s candidacy as a campaign against racism, sexism and greed, it follows that’s why he thinks those Americans didn’t vote for Bernie.

      This clown is a radical socialist who doesn’t think much of his country or his fellow Americans.

  7. Ordinarily I’d quote Troilus and Cressida here: “This is too starv’d a subject for my sword.” But as we have nothing but time on our hands, and the anonymous jackals are howling, here goes.

    I’m going to just go by what Juan actually said here, as thought he weren’t my friend, which he is, and as though I didn’t necessarily agree with him, which I pretty much do although I would have expressed myself differently. We’re just going by Juan’s little Facebook post that Matt found in his tireless sleuthing, shared with us, and then …um.. paraphrased.

    I see that Juan feels support of Bernie’s campaign in March and November, as well as support of the MOVEMENT Bernies leads, is part of a “political revolution against corporate greed, racism, sexism and injustice.” Not too controversial there.

    And I also see that Juan is “heartbroken” and also “enraged” that more Democrats and independents either didn’t feel like being part of this revolution (and so either didn’t vote or voted for Biden, Warren, Buttegieg or whoever); or thought that a better way to move this revolution forward would be by voting for Biden or Warren or Buttegieg or whoever.

    (There are also a lot of Democrats and independents who didn’t come out to make a choice in March because it was hard for them to decide which candidate would be the most capable of COMBATING GREED, RACISM AND SEXISM by beating Trump, and they thought it was best to let other Democrats decide.)

    NOWHERE do I see this Juan fellow saying that the Democrats and independents who didn’t vote in the primary, or the ones who voted for Biden, Warren, Buttegieg etc. are Greedy, Racist, Sexist and Injusty. It’s just as possible if not more likely that this Juan fellow realizes they disagreed with what he thought was the best way to fight greed racism bla bla bla.

    Cunningham does the easy lazy propagandist’s job. He finds X, works up a faux-lather, tells everybody X = Z, and then comes his anonymous brigade to back him up. I value some of the stuff Matt writes, he makes a nice foil. But generally the stuff drawn from trolling progressives’ Facebook walls is kind of inferior.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      It’s hard to take your lecturing seriously, given that misrepresentation, distortion, petty name-calling, half-truths and mischaracterization have long been your stock-in-trade.

    • You’re hilarious, Vern.

      You crack on Matt for allegedly misrepresenting Juan Alvarez’s words, and then you ignore Alvarez’s plain words with a meandering interpretation of what you think he REALLY meant to say. You need a serious shot of self-awareness.

      • I put way too much work and effort into showing you dense people that he didn’t say folks who didn’t vote for Bernie are racist, sexist, etc. But the fact remains he did not say that and you can’t find him saying that.

        Believe what you want though, I got other things to deal with…

        • Poor Vern.

          You’re full of spin.

          You “showed” us that Alvarez is ““enraged” that more Democrats and independents either didn’t feel like being part of this revolution (and so either didn’t vote or voted for Biden, Warren, Buttegieg or whoever);”

          Wrong. You totally misrepresent his plain statement: he is “enraged at Americans all over the US” for not voting for Bernie. He’s enraged at Americans, Vern, not “Democrats and Independents.” N

          • That doesn’t make sense, anonymous person. Nobody, not Juan, not me, not you, not Matt, expected Republicans to vote for Bernie in the Democratic primary.

            Duh. And again, duh.

            • Comrade Juan is free to clarify or defend his comments (his rage wasn’t limited to CA primary voters). That would be better than you as the self-appointed arbiter of what Alvarez “really” meant to say.

        • “Believe what you want though, I got other things to deal with…”


          Like your fizzled recall?

  8. Now that I look again (because, again, I have nothing but time on my hands) Juan said the Bernie movement is a revolution against “CORPORATE greed,” not simply “greed.”

    So Matt’s headline should be “Juan says people who didn’t vote for Bernie are CORPORATELY greedy.”

    But of course that wouldn’t make sense. Just as Matt’s whole interpretation of Juan doesn’t make sense.

    Just sayin’.

    • Or better, “Juan Alvarez says people who didn’t vote for Bernie Sanders are greedy corporations.”

      • You’re like a Trump spokesman trying to explain away what the Orange Man “really meant.”

        • Except I have obvious facts on my side, if you’re not blind.

          Was Juan REALLY saying PEOPLE who didn’t vote for Bernie are greedy corporations? Or was he even saying that all the people who didn’t vote for Bernie RUN greedy corporations?

          Of course not. But by your and Matt’s logic, he did.

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