COVID-19 Update From City Of Anaheim: Steps To Re-Opening

From the City of Anaheim:

Saying stay at home “cannot be a permanent state,” Gov. Gavin Newsom has outlined six points California will be looking to as part of a gradual, eventual transition to some parts of normal life.

As expected, though, the governor did not provide a date for easing California’s stay at home order, which remains until further notice and is in place here in Anaheim.

The governor did talk about transition to an “optimism phase” with a focus on starting a gradual process of getting back to normal, when safe to do so.

For us in Anaheim, the address signals that California is actively considering when we all will begin a gradual return to normal.

We continue to hope for a coronavirus peak in April, tapering in May and some start of a gradual recovery in June.

Of course, that will be dictated by conditions on the ground and the best public health guidance.

And when we start to see a return to normal, it will be gradual.

Think of your recent visit to a grocery store — counting people in and out, sanitizing carts, wearing masks and other precautions.

We’ll eventually be able to dine out again, but in smaller numbers at less than a restaurant’s capacity.

For Anaheim’s theme parks, convention center and sports venues, we’ll continue to seek best guidance for those.

For now, we must continue what we’re doing: staying home as much as possible, wearing masks on essential work and outings, keeping six feet apart from one another and other best practices.

We are in this together, and will continue to get through this together.

Here are California’s six points:

1. Expand testing to diagnose and treat and expand the ability to trace an infected person’s contacts to prevent further spread.

2. Continue to protect the most vulnerable: the elderly, those with chronic medical conditions, those in nursing and other group homes or incarceration

3. Ensure hospitals and other healthcare providers are able to handle infection surges should we see them with a gradual return to normal life

4. Continue to consult with scientists and academia and base decisions on best public health evidence

5. Workplaces, schools and other places will need to look at modifications to carry on physical distancing when people come back

6. Maintain the ability to intervene again with public health restrictions as needed

You can read more and view Gov. Newsom’s presentation here:


  1. First of all Thanks to all the First responders, doctors , nurses and hospital workers. As an Orange County resident hearing news from LA stepping up to assist it’s affected residents with monitory debit cards, rent assistance and much more. What about Orange County? How come this county isn’t following the same foot steps and assist it’s residents? Thanks for all the support .

    • I would like to thank all who are in the frontline. God Bless you All!!! I here how LA county is constantly updated the info regarding Covid-19 and is also helping the OC residents in many ways, why isn’t OC following LACounty in the same way? I’m an OC resident. God Bless

      • David Michael Klawe

        Because the local media (TV/Radio) will cover those press conferences. Orange County gets a daily article in the OC Register. Just the way SoCal works. It has been that way for decades.

  2. I agree with JOE All we hear on the TV. is what
    L A COUNTY is doing for people living in that. Never a word have I heard about what is being done by ORANGE COUNTY for the people living that county. What gives with the people who are being paid to deal with such things as this ?

  3. From my view hospitals have done their part non-critical patients have been moved and they have room space when they need it. I’m at the opinion of opening up most businesses using self responsibility. If Gavin actually ordered 2 BILLION face masks from China like he said he was in his panic on TV….we need a new Gov.

  4. On 4-18-20 Anaheim posted largest increase of cases to date. Up 18 cases in one day. We are seeing increases regularly. What is Anaheim doing to REDUCE the numbers of cases? Where is the leadership?

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