COVID-19: Three-Strike Felon Attacks Policeman Days After Release On $0 Bail

[Editor’s note: this is another example of how the misguided campaign by the social justice Left to abolish cash bail is endangering the law abiding public. It also highlights the strained logic of releasing criminals to avoid the possibility they may contract COVID-19, only to increase the danger of the public being victmized by these criminals.]

From the office OC District Attorney Todd Spitzer:

Third Striker Charged with Attacking Police Officer

Days after appointed commissioner releases him on own recognizance, convicted felon had been released from jail three times in two weeks leading up to attack

SANTA ANA, Calif. – A third strike convicted felon has been charged with multiple felonies for attacking an Irvine police officer while burglarizing a business just days after he was released from the Orange County jail on $0 bail by an appointed court commissioner.

Russell Paul Parsons, 39, of Los Angeles, was released from jail on April 14, 2020 after Orange County Court Commissioner Joseph Dane ordered him released on his own recognizance after Parsons pleaded not guilty to one felony count of 2nd degree burglary and one felony count of felony theft with prior theft of a vehicle.

At that time, Parsons had appeared before Commissioner Dane three times since April 8, 2020 to plead not guilty to a total of seven felonies in connection with three separate burglary and theft cases.

Five days later, on April 19, 2020, Parsons attacked an Irvine Police Officer who was attempting to arrest Parsons for another 2nd degree burglary at a commercial business. The officer was responding to a silent alarm where he encountered a man later identified as Parsons coming out of the business with property. The officer was forced to use a taser to subdue the 6’ 2” 250 lb Parsons in order to arrest him. A sharpened axe head and a combat style knife were recovered.

“We cannot let a global pandemic defy common sense,” said Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer. “It is not the court’s responsibility to manage the jail population by letting these career criminals out the front door of our jails and back into our neighborhoods. This officer had to fight for his life against a dangerous criminal who should have been behind bars and not free to commit more crimes. Thank goodness this officer wasn’t seriously hurt or killed by a criminal who shouldn’t have even been let out.”

In connection with the April 19 attack, Parsons has been charged with one felony count of 2nd degree burglary, one felony count of receiving stolen property, one felony count of resisting an executive officer, one felony count of felony vandalism, and one misdemeanor count of being in a place where there are controlled substances.

Parsons is now facing a total of 13 felonies and two misdemeanors in connection with burglaries that occurred on March 29, March 31, April 2, and April 19, 2020 as well as an April 4, 2020 theft case.

Parsons is currently being held on $250,000 bail at the Orange County Jail.


  1. I don’t know how anyone could trust a man who had the look on his face this man has. The same goes for the 7 sex offenders he just released. As well as others who have been released.
    Does Commissioner Dane have no care for the public who he has released these Devil’s out to prey on. They must be laughing all the way out the jail house door. Dane should be fired and be made responsible for any crimes these people do to the public. How stupid can you get. This is unbelievable!!

    • Spitzer is a coward to attack this law abiding, upstanding commissioner who cannot publicly respond to these politically driven attack.
      The OC DA’s office is still as corrupt as it ever was under criminal Tony Rackaucas.
      This county needs another dozen appointed commissioners who have the courage to do their jobs properly even when it is not popular.
      Miss Charlotte please educate yourself on why it is way out of line for criminal DA Todd Spitzer to attack an appointed official.
      God bless Commissioner Joseph Dane!

  2. Who let out the violent sex offenders? Commissioner Joseph Dane! Anaheim Blog please look deeper into this and find out for the public who did what. Charlotte, you are not alone in your opinions, and you certainly have the right to express/have them.

    • Dane is the criminal here.He should be put.behind bars right along with the criminals he protects. He is not doing his job, he is using his position to protect and encourage the monsters and devients at the expense of the innocents; how many children are victims.

  3. It is beyond time for this soft on crime, offender supporting defense attorney to be put back in private practice. He has no business on the bench. Joe Dane needs to go back to earning his own money and stop defrauding the people of California of our tax dollars under the guise of serving justice.

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