City Working To Expand COVID-19 Testing In Anaheim

From the City of Anaheim:

We are working to expand testing in Anaheim as we gradually reopen under California’s guidelines.

Right now, AltaMed is providing screening and testing in line with California public health guidelines, which prioritize those with symptoms, recent exposure, first responders and other essential workers.

AltaMed’s screening is open to the public after a telephone consultation available at (888) 499-9303.

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We expect to be able to share updates on more testing sites in Anaheim in coming days.

Testing is taking place now across Anaheim at hospitals and other healthcare providers.

If you believe you are a candidate, start by calling your healthcare provider or insurer.

If uninsured, AltaMed and others that are part of the county’s testing network can still test you if you meet priority criteria.

Most testing is what’s known as swab testing (also known as polymerise chain reaction or PCR testing). Swab testing is the standard for determining whether someone is currently infected with Covid-19.

Some providers also offer antibody testing, also known as serology testing, which determines whether someone was previously exposed to coronavirus.

Antibody testing is not a good indicator of current infection. Nor can it guarantee immunity, as health experts are still unsure whether or not someone can be reinfected with Covid-19.

But it can be helpful in determining whether someone’s been exposed and for studying what that means for future immunity.

Anaheim is working with the county of Orange to expand testing. As it expands, we would expect it to cover more people as a measurement tool amid a gradual, cautious reopening of the economy.

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