Under the chairmanship of Ada Briceno, the Democratic Party of Orange County is unequivocally the Party of Shutdown. Regardless of how arbitrary Governor Newsom’s edicts may be, Briceno and the DPOC are backing the shutdown of businesses, parks, beaches, et al, to the hilt. For example, the DPOC attacks as “hyper-partisan” efforts by local elected officials for re-open beaches and public spaces in a common-sense fashion.

Today, the DPOC is attacking as “lawlessness and anarchy” a possible move by the Huntington Beach City Council to declare all businesses as essential:

Incidentally, the DPOC has been silent on the recent opening the jails to let criminals loose among the law-abiding public. Apparently, it’s only lawlessness and anarchy when business open their doors and people can earn a living (while observing appropriate measures).  Since when did the DPOC become the party of law-and-order?

DPOC Chair Briceno is also co-president of UNITE-HERE Local 11 – 95% of whose members have been thrown out of work by the government-imposed shutdown. Many of her members don’t share Briceno’s enthusiasm for the shutdown, as these member comments of the Local 11 Facebook page attest:

It seems that Briceno’s pro-shutdown priorities as DPOC chair are directly at odds with the personal priorities of many of those she’s supposed to be representing as co-president of UNITE-HERE Local 11.