CVS Adds A Third Free COVID Testing Site In Anaheim

CVS is expanding the number of free, drive-thru COVID-19 testing sites, adding 200 last week to 1,400 testing sites nation-wide. Among those added last week was a drive-thru testing site at 1676 W. Katella Avenue (the corner of Katella and Euclid).

The other CVS free testing sites are located at 510 S. Beach Boulevard (across Beach from West Anaheim Medical Center) and 611 S. Brookhurst Street (at the intersection of Brookhurst and Orange).

Appointments are required and can be scheduled online at

Patients have to remain in their cars and will be directed to the pharmacy drive-thru window or a location in the parking lot, and given a self-administered test kit and instructions.  CVS Pharmacy staff observe to ensure it’s done correctly.

Tests are processed at an independent, third-party lab for processing and results available in about three days.


  1. It has been very difficult to get an appointment here in OC to be tested. My daughter went to this website, answered the questions and was told she didn’t qualify to be tested because she has no symptoms. She has been tested twice in LA Co. by just making an appt. and showing up. Her friend who is a surgical nurse has been unable to find a place here in OC to be tested. What’s wrong with this picture??

  2. David Michael Klawe

    For Essential Medical Personnel, here is a website to visit and see if you qualify.

    The site is LHI dot Care/covidtesting.

    That is care instead of com.

    Good Luck

  3. How are all these people not figuring out how to get a free Covid test? They must also have difficulty making microwave popcorn. I have no symptoms and got a test in June just because I was bored and wanted something to do. It was very easy to figure out after an 8 second Google search. I went to the LHI website, picked one of the dozens of testing sites in central OC, then had my pick of any appointment time I wanted the following day from 7am to 7pm. I chose a 3pm time, and when I went to the testing clinic near the Orange circle I was the only patient there. The nurses were sweethearts, they were bored because they had so few patients to test that day, and they reminded me I could come back every 2 weeks for another free test. 48 hours later I got my results emailed to me; I tested negative. This is not rocket science people! Just use your brain and figure it out, there are dozens of free testing sites operating daily all over Orange County.

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