Avelino Valencia Gets OC Democratic Party Endorsement For District 4

The Avelino Valencia for Anaheim City Council campaign announced the Democratic Party of Orange County has endorsed his candidacy for the District 4 council seat in the November 2020 election.

District 4 is currently represented by Councilwoman Lucille Kring, who is termed out.

“Our campaign received overwhelming support to secure a big endorsement. Now it’s official — the Democratic Party of Orange County has officially backed my candidacy for Anaheim City Council District 4!,” the Valencia campaign announced.

An affirmative two-thirds majority of OC Democratic Party Central Committee members is necessary for an endorsement – a significant hurdle.  Valencia’s success in securing it is significant in that a super-majority of Central Committee members chose him over Anaheim Union High School District Trustee Annemarie Randle-Trejo – a close political ally of Councilman Jose F, Moreno – who is also running in District 4. According to sources, Moreno spoke against the endorsement, as did Moreno allies such as NOCCCD Trustee Ed Lopez. Moreno’s goal is tio take control of the city council this November, and he was reportedly furious about the DPOC’s action: as a DPOC Central Committee member, he cannot endorse against the party’s choice.

Valencia is an Anaheim native and chairman of the city’s Budget, Investment and Technology Commission, and serves as Principal Representative for Assemblyman (and former Anaheim Mayor) Tom Daly.

Also running in District 4 is council gadfly Jeannine Robbins.

The partisan breakdown of District 4 voter registration is 49.6% Democrat, 24.1% No Party Preference and 21.3% Republican.


  1. Dr. Jose Moreno lives in and represents D3. I’m happy he is a democrat but Why are you writing his endorsement as a political commentary?

    • David Michael Klawe

      Pretty simple, Dr. Moreno wanted to support and campaign for his chosen candidate, Annemarie Randle-Trejo.

      The DPOC decided to back someone else. Therefore, Dr. Moreno is prohibited to campaign for Annemarie Randle-Trejo.

      Mr. Valencia is more a moderate, main stream Democrat, while Dr. Moreno represents the progressive, far left part of the Democratic party.

      So the endorsement is part of the struggle within the Democratic Party, do you go moderate, or do you go far left?

  2. Wait….. this can’t be right. You mean Jose Moreno is actively working against a young man that was born and raised in the community? No way! This can’t be right! Jose is not about his political ambitions…. Jose unselfishly gave of his time to be a school board member in Anaheim to help promote the lives of the youth. So, no way- I don’t believe you- Avalino went to schools in the Anaheim Elementary district and the AUHSD so I am sure he is thrilled to to see the young man doing so well and moving forward. Just because Sweet Annie is a yes vote for all of his ideas doesn’t mean he would fight against Avelino. I think this whole story is fake news because that’s not who Jose says he is!!!!!

  3. What a perfect example of what a fraud Jose Moreno is. If he can’t support a Latino young man that went to Anaheim schools, has a mother that is a public school teacher in Anaheim, and wife that works for public schools – who can he support? Let’s be clear it’s not about fighting charter schools, it’s not about Anaheim- it’s all about Jose. Annemarie provides a vote to promote his wife, get Matsuda in that job as city manager and further enrich himself.

  4. I know both Avelino and Jose ( remember Annemarie is a puppet so when you vote it’s Avelino vs Jose)
    Here is a review:
    1.Born and raise in Anaheim?
    – Jose = no
    – Avelino = yes
    2. Positive relationships with local assembly members , and congressmen
    Jose = no
    Avelino yes
    3. Positive relationships with local police, fire, Anaheim city workers
    Jose =no
    Avelino = yes
    4. Believes that with hard work and discipline, success is attainable
    Jose = no ( you are a victim so vote for me)
    Avelino = yes
    5. Support of the construction workers
    Jose = no
    Avelino = yes

    This district 4 race should be a slam dunk… but Jose and his significant army of free Bros campaigners will go all out. The puppet candidate , Annemarie is a carpetbagger that has moved from the cypress area, to the Auhsd district 5 area and now to the city council district 4. She will be well backed so please spread the word and say no way Jose!!!!!!!

  5. Vote for Annemarie because she will help Jose to stop Disney from adding jobs and tax revenue to Anaheim.

    They will stop big builders from adding jobs and revenue to Anaheim.

    Because when this happens the rich get richer. Nobody should get rich. Sharing is caring! So let’s vote to make the rich share some of that dough

  6. We need to use our votes to get anyone affiliated with Jose Moreno and company out of offices of any kind in Anaheim.

  7. Thank you Anaheim Blog for publishing informative posts.

  8. One can also claim Council member Faessel of being a hypocrite, one example being the flag debate of late 2019 with him voting against keeping an inspiration flag even though he made a flag for the “waste of time and money” flag contest. (I’d look at both the American and Canadian flag contest to know that flag contests aren’t a waste of time and money)

  9. Vote Councilman Steve Faessel. Councilman Faessel is a good representative for his district/Anaheim. I am glad he is an avid Anaheim historian. I am glad he voted for the reinstatement of Anaheim’s flag.

  10. Councilman Faessel is not a hypocrite. He is not afraid to change his path if he feels another one is the correct one. He can’t please everyone even though he does his best to try too.

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