COVID Update: Bars, Indoor Dining Ordered Closed For At Least 3 Weeks

From the City of Anaheim:

Orange County and the state of California are out with new restrictions for restaurants, bars and other businesses here in Anaheim and across the county and state.

Most involve shutting down indoor service while allowing service outdoors, where the risk of coronavirus spread is lower. The exception is for businesses that solely serve alcohol, which must completely close for in-person services.

Orange County

Bars, breweries, pubs and winebars that do not offer dine-in food service are required to close with the turn of the clock tonight to midnight July 2 and until further notice.

That includes all such businesses here in Anaheim.

For restaurants with alcohol service, drinks can only be served with meals.

Breweries and others that have been offering to-go service can continue to do so.

Separately, Orange County now again requires the wearing of face coverings in public in accordance with California’s guidelines.

As of June 30, Anaheim also requires wearing a face covering in public in accordance with California guidelines.

See more in the “Face Masks, Coverings” section.


California is out with several new restrictions.

They take effect July 1 and continue at least through July 22, pending an update from the state.

  • All bars and other businesses focused solely on selling alcohol must close other than to-go service.
  • Restaurants must cease indoor dining and only offer outdoor service, takeout and delivery.
  • Indoor movie theaters must close down again; drive-in theaters and outdoor movie showings would still be allowed.
  • Family entertainment centers, such as miniature golf, batting cages, bowling and arcades must close indoor operations and only offer outdoor activities where possible.
  • While all museums were previously allowed to open, now only those with outdoor spaces can open; indoor museums must close.

Also ordered to close, though not relevant to Anaheim, are zoos and card rooms.

California beaches in Orange County will remain open as outdoor space but parking lots will close to deter large beach gatherings.


  1. When is the Movie Theaters, Restaurants, Hotels & Bar will reopen?

  2. Too bad comrade newsom doesn’t read or understand statistics or science. Since most transmissions happen in close living quarters suggest masks inside your home not in restaurants. Also where is any link to getting infected dining in or at movies? The museum I work at Bowers almost never has a crowd large enough to be within 6 feet of another. In fact neither does OCMA and in fact almost other museums anywhere.

    • The last time I went to the Nixon Library museum there was about 5 other people there, plus about a dozen employees. I think Newsom added museums to the list because he knows the only people who visit museums in California are rich white people (LACMA, OCMA, Bowers, Legion of Honor, etc.) or Republicans (Reagan and Nixon museums). I’m joking of course, but I wouldn’t put that past Newsom because otherwise the museum ban makes absolutely no sense.

  3. This is all matter of control. Its a virus that going to affect you regardless and for elections .they shut down a place on which i work at do to covid 19 and i still cant get any can say and show numbers and people will be fooled by it.some one diarrhea oh shit they have it with all that look at are government anyone that speaks out on them its shut down are government are the cause.are hospital over pack my ass. And why cant loved ones be by there side population control

  4. I was at a July 4th BBQ yesterday and an older couple there have been involved in property management in OC for decades. They said this latest 3 week closure for the 4th and into the middle of summer was the nail in the coffin for many struggling restaurants and bars. They have already heard that many tenants will not make it and are already in the process of permanently shutting down and abandoning their leases now. The sudden 3 week closure just as summer kicks off was the very last thing small businesses needed, and it devastated their finances. Expect a lot of permanent closures in the next 30 days.

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