UNITE-HERE Local 11 Pays Spouse of Union Exec Nearly $100,000 for IT Consulting

Local 11 Co-Presidents Ada Briceno and Susan Minato and Rosa Alemán with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

EyesOn11.com, which reports on the activities of UNITE-HERE Local 11, recently published a story about on how the husband of Local 11 co-President Susan Minato’s husband is paid nearly $100,000 a year as an IT consultant – more than tree times what UNITE-HERE Local 1 in the Bay Area pays its IT consultant.

Local 11 ‘s other co-president is Ada Briceno, an active player in Anaheim politics who also serves as the chair of the Orange County Democratic Party.

Minato was also one of the protestors who disrupted the NAMM Convention last year by shutting down the busy intersection of Katella and Harbor in the Anaheim Resort.  She and 19 others – including Briceno and Councilman Jose F. Moreno – were arrested and are awaiting trial.

Although 90% of Local 11 members have been thrown out of work by the COVID-19 pandemic, the union is still trying to get them to pay their monthly dues.

From the Eyeson11.com article:

Last year, we reported that Local 11 Co-President and International Executive Vice President Susan Minato had her husband on Local 11’s payroll as a well-paid IT consultant. The union failed to disclose the apparent conflict of interest; that’s likely because Griffith is not considered a “key employee,” despite earning the same, if not more, than other high-ranking Local 11 staff.

The union’s latest financial disclosure brings more news: Not only is Minato’s husband Gregory Griffith still being paid by Local 11 — 2019 was his most lucrative year yet. Last year, the union paid him a total of $98,762. He earned $85,484 the year beforeSince 2014, Griffith has earned almost a half a million dollars as an “IT consultant” for Local 11.

Is Griffith’s pay reasonable? As it turns out, another in-state Unite Here local in San Francisco has been paying an IT contractor for what appears to be similar contract work since at least 2014 — the same year Griffith started receiving payments from Local 11.

However, Local 2’s IT firm has made just over $140,000 from the union since 2014; their retainer in 2019 was just over $28,000, or roughly 70 percent less than what Griffith has pulled in over the same time period.

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