AESD Trustees J. Paolo Magcalas and Juan G. Alvarez want to defund school safety officers.

Are campus safety officers “bullies in blue”? Are they part of a “school-to-prison” pipeline? A manifestation of “systemic racism” that victimizes minority students?

Some elected members of the Anaheim Elementary School District Board of Trustees think so.

Trustee Juan Alvarez co-authored a June 8 op-ed in the Voice of OC advocating “defunding” campus safety officers, calling them “repressive” and “contributing to an atmosphere of mistrust and alienation that causes students to misbehave.” In other words, the existence of school safety officers creates unsafety – which is like saying crime is caused by the existence of police.

Alvarez is an officer of the Anaheim Secondary Teachers Association, and teaches at Sycamore Junior High School in the Anaheim Union High School District. He was elected to the AESD Board in 2018, defeating incumbent Jeff Cole with the support of the teachers union and the Moreno/Matsuda political machine. He holds radical political views that are far to the left of mainstream public opinion, supporting extremist policies such as removing all border controls and declaring our southern border open.

Another AESD trustee, J. Paolo Magcalas, posted an ACLU paper critical of school safety officers entitled “Bullies In Blue: The Problem with School Policing“:

The ACLU paper claims school policing “criminalizes adolescents of color” and directly links it to “overcriminalization of Black and Latino communities,” “mass incarceration” and Jim Crow laws, and “challenges assumptions that the function of police in schools is to protect children.”

Very mainstream.

Magcalas is fully on board the movement to defund the police – be it campus safety officers, municipal police or any sworn law enforcement officer. Earlier this month, he applauded when the LAUSD and the Los Angeles City Council slashed funding for their respective police forces:

In 2018-19 school year – the most recent statistics available – 2,014 crimes were committed at LAUSD schools. While that represented a 10.1% drop from the previous year, the number of students enrolled in LAUSD dropped 12.4% during the same period.

45.6% of the crimes were committed in high schools, 28.4% in middle schools and 26% in elementary schools.

Yet Messers. Magcalas and Alvarez think it is good idea to defund school safety offices, or abolish them altogether.

It is doubtful many parents would agree with their radical views.

Crime is surging in cities governed by elected officials who share their #DefundThePolice mentality, but radical activists like Magcalas and Alvarez , at the end of the day, will put implementing their woke ideology ahead of the welfare of ordinary people.

Magacalas represents Trustee Area 3, and he is running for re-election this November. Thus far, he is running un-opposed. In fact, Magcalas has never faced a competitive election – he won his first campaign in 2016 by default, because no other candidate filed to run.

Perhaps if he draws an opponent this time, he will be forced to explain his radical views and record to AESD voters.