Councilwoman Barnes’ Policy Aide Derides Federal Agents Battling Antifa Rioters As “Thugs”

Among the items on tonight’s Anaheim City Council agenda are informational presentations on the Office of Independent Review Group report and Police Review Board 2019 Annual Report. Councilman Jose F. Moreno will doubtless use the occasion to press his #defundthepolice agenda (while trying to explain that he doesn’t really mean defund the police).

District 1 Councilmember Denise Barnes is Moreno’s lone council ally. When campaigning for city council in 2016, she called for more police officers and more resources for the Anaheim Police Department. Since then, Barnes’ views have moved leftward, in a more politically progressive direction – as has her chief policy advisor, Cynthia Ward.

Ward is one of Barnes’ policy aides. And lately she has been on Twitter deploring federal law enforcement officers in Portland as “thugs” for their response to “peaceful protesters” trying to burn down the federal courthouse. She approvingly re-tweets Twitter posts denouncing the federal LEOs as “stormtroopers,” “fascists with guns” and “secret police,” or applauding antifa rioting tactics as “badass.”


Here she compares federal LEO protecting federal property from violent antifa radicals to the Communist Chinese crackdown on Hong Kong’s liberties:

Whom does Ward blame for the destruction and rioting in Portland? Not the rioters:

Cynthia Ward ready to join the Wall of Moms:

Ward, however, has nothing to say about the federal lw enforcement officers who have had suffered permanent eye damage – possibly blinded – thanks “peaceful protestors” zapping their eyes with lasers.

For someone who prides herself on being a research maven, Ward’s tweeting belies ignorance of the full picture in Portland. Downtown Portland has seen rioting for two months straight. The mayhem is being fomented in a deliberate, coordinated manner by organized, disciplined antifas radicals and their allies.  The rioting is a deliberate political strategy. It may not make sense to normal, law-abiding people, but it squares perfectly with the world view of the rioters.

Federal law enforcement is in Portland because are trying to destroy federal property. The rioters have literally been trying to burn down the courthouse – and the Wall of Moms supported that by inserting themselves as human shields. When law enforcement reacts to protect public order, public property and themselves, Twitter fills up with out-of-context videos to manipulate public opinion and build the “stormtroopers” narrative.

Andy Ngo is a an independent journalist who has been covering antifa protesters for the last few years. A year ago, he was physically attacked by antifas angry at his coverage of their movement.

This video Ngo shot shows antifas advancing toward law enforcement in a shield wall formation, reminiscent of a Roman legion.


The rioters behavior belies practice, discipline, planning and preparation:

Unlike Ward and the media, Ngo, who is much more familiar with the situation, isn’t taken in by the Wall of Moms:


Here’s a Wall of Mommer helping antifas tring to pull down the protective barrier around the federal courthouse:

Here are “Moms” joining with antifa preparing to assault the federal courthouse.

Last night, “peaceful” rioters exploded a bomb at the courthouse:

Does Ward plan to blame Trump or federal “thugs” for this chilling act of violence? Here’s the reaction from some of those “peaceful protesters”:

Ward-the-researcher might also follow the Twitter feed of Brandon Farley, an independent journalist and Portland resident who is supportive of Black Lives Matter. It would open her eyes to the full pciture she is ignoring:

To blame law enforcement for this deliberate and orchestrated mayhem is lunacy. The sides are clearly distinguishable. The anarchy in downtown Portland (and in other cities) is driven by real thugs who want to tear down this country and our way of life. To denigrate the law enforcement officers standing against them is mindbogglingly naive. Councilwoman Barnes isn’t looking to Ms. Ward for policy advice on law enforcement matters.


  1. Stand for Anaheim

    Unbelievable. Cynthia Ward will always be a disaster! She always has struggled to be relevant to make up for her amazing lack of self esteem and to justify her regular failure. Go away, Cynthia. No one likes you.

  2. I don’t know what they are looking at, I see looting plenty of graffiti rioters with weapons, fires started, people attacking peace Officers, businesses being destroyed, Come on people get your head out of that hole that it’s in , what about my rights

  3. David Michael Klawe

    I believe in Peaceful Protests, such as in a park, or on a public sidewalk.

    But if you want to close off a street, we have a process to do that. You take out a permit, and agree to pay the costs involved in closing a street, etc.

    When folks block streets off without warning, government is forced to bring in law enforcement to protect the protestors from moving vehicles, etc. Basically stealing tax dollars.

    And anyone, protestor, counter protestor, or someone with criminal intent blending in the crowd, who breaks the law, such as throwing things, damaging property, stealing, arson, etc. are now criminals, since they are breaking laws. And it is law enforcements job to enforce the laws on the books.

    These folks should be arrested, booked, and face a judge to decide bail, etc.

    Also going up to a law enforcement officer and provoking the officer is NOT Peaceful.

    We are a society that has come up with a way to make and change laws, the legislative branch. Don’t like the law, you go through the election process and having civil discussion.

    You don’t become a violent mob and attempt to overthrow the laws/government, many call that an act of war or treason.

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