Progressive Vote-Buying and Cancel Culture In District 5 Race

The District 5 council race is the scene of some questionable vote-buying by the Kenneth Batiste campaign, plus a related bout of left-wing cancel culture.

On Facebook this Sunday, Yesenia Rojas, a union member and community activist who has generally sided with the Tait-Moreno side in Anaheim’s civic battles, called out left-wing blogger Vern Nelson for putting Kenneth Batiste campaign flyers inside food boxes and distributing them in low-income neighborhoods:

Nelson’s response: bash Rojas for supporting District 5 Councilman Steve Faessel for re-election. Batiste is running to unseat Faessel, and Nelson seems to be his e facto campaign manager.

The Batiste campaign flyer is in Spanish and urges recipients of the food boxes to vote for him in November, and post it on their refrigerators so others get the message. It doesn’t include a campaign disclosure on the flyer. This could reasonably seen as vote-buying with food packages, and the law forbids providing voters with material inducements in exchange for their vote.

Others pointed out the questionable legality and ethicality of Nelson’s campaign tactics:

AUSHD teacher and left-wing activist Liz Gracian compared Vern’s tactic to corrupt PRI vote-buying in Mexico:

But did anyone really need to tell Nelson he was crossing an ethical and possibly legal line? But for him, the real transgression was Rojas refusing to go along with the Nelson and the rest of the Moreno clique in backing Batiste. Breaking from groupthink isn’t tolerated. Nelson paternalistically admonished Rojas that he knows better than her what is in her own best interest:

How dare Rojas make up her own mind! George Grachen piled on with some “Dear Leader” flavored criticism, wondering how Rojas could possibly support Faessel since former Mayor Tom Tait endorsed Batiste ( a Democrat). Grachen accused her of being disloyal, manipulated and deluded for supporting Faessel over Batiste:

Keep in mind Grachen is the president of the conservative Anaheim Republican Assembly. Apparently, the irony of the ARA president criticizing Rojas for backing a Republican over a Democrat – given that Grachen’s position entails electing Republicans over Democrats.

Moreno minion Jorge Gavino jumped in with a helping of race guilt, saying Rojas is letting herself be used and baselessly accusing Faessel of harming Latinos and Blacks:

Another local leftist, Louis Zuniga, tries to excuse the Batiste campaign’s use of food boxes to garner voters by claiming it is no different than Councilman Faessel posting photos on social media of his assisting with fodd distribution efforts:


Actually, they are entirely different: unlike the Batiste campaign, Faessel isn’t passing out campaign literature and soliciting votes while helping distribute food to residents.

Zuniga also joined in the attempted shaming of Rojas, posting a screenshot of her posting on Facebook about upcoming food distributions – a masked Councilman Faessel is in the group photo. In Zuniga’s mid, that is apparently enough to brand Rojas an enemy of the people:

Luis Perez of the pipe fitters union tried to inject some sanity and perspective into the cancel culture denunciations of Rojas:

A valiant attempt, but it fell on deaf ears.

If nothing else, it’s a vivid illustration of the hive mentality of many of Councilman Moreno’s political acolytes: blatant vote-buying can be overlooked, but if you break ranks and refuse to tow the party line, be prepared for the Red Guard treatment.


  1. They are EATING their own over there.

    + Vern attacks Yesenia Rojas and exclaims “She doesn’t even live on Anna Drive anymore” ! GOOD FOR
    HER. He goes on to attack her as a big mouth and attention grabber. THATS RICH!
    + Nelson goes on to BASH other Democrat activists with thinly veiled RACIST statements, meanwhile, his
    “fringe wing” are struggling for relevance. His “Hero” in Huntington Beach, Victor Valladares, has been
    shleping himself as a Data Analysis Expert, albeit one with a GED and no real FORMAL education. And
    top things off, a picture of him at Long Beach GAY PRIDE with six transexual sex workers, two of
    whom are incarcerated for KNOWINGLY infecting customers with HIV.
    + OJB contributor, Ryan Cantor, who actually lives in Savanna, Georgia (3,000 miles away) has started a
    war with his colleague Ricardo Toro, a known Anaheim left wing activist. Vern again used RACE
    BAITING as a weapon. Really? The guy who injects RACE into his speeches at City Council ALL THE
    TIME. In what other world would a felon, a five time convicted drunk driver, a unemployed 60 year old
    man, who has little to show for his life be living in a 600 sqft hovel in an Anaheim ghetto brag to the
    city “I am the WHITE MAN from Anna Drive” SIMPLY DISGUSTING.
    + Let’s jump to Greg Diamond who accuses Yesenia Rojas of siding with her preferred candidate because
    he helped her get out of legal trouble. Keep in mind Diamond was her lawyer for a time. This is a
    disgusting display of RACISM and BIGOTRY by Diamond, who admits he has “NO KNOWLEDGE” of this.
    Completely irresponsible. But, par for the course
    for this flame fanning loser, who last I checked, was told by his close DPOC colleagues to “JUST GO
    AWAY GREG” because of his famous defiant contrarian self serving views.
    + I am given to understand that Disney security has floated TRO (temporary Restraining Order) against
    Vern, Donna, The Robbins and others based on Robbins statement to “Blow That place up”. Now
    there’s a candidate statement (if she can raise or steal the $600.)
    + A congressional staffer posted on Facebook: “Dude this a**hole understands nothing about Latino’s and vote buying” chiming in on Liz Gracion’s comment. to which a reply saying “Yeah well Vern, can get some rent money and maybe some free stuff for his work, but he is NOT an Anna Drive guy, Never was, never will be” The post was immediately deleted.

    You guys are doing great work over there Vern, if your intention is to RUIN EVERYTHING you proclaim to protect and support. You are THE PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION.

  2. I don’t get any food boxes but would love to see one of those flyers up online?

  3. The mob attacks anyone who does not fall into line. Don’t deviate from the plans!

    • Anaheim Resident

      For these people to go after Yesenia Rojas, who has put her life work into improving the Anna Drive neighborhood, they should be ashamed of themselves. Vern is a freeloading drunk living off his his wife’s managing of one of the apartment buildings. Yesenia called out the corrupt politics she saw in Mexico by the PRI and does not want to see it here. She has a mind of her own and now sees what her so-called friends for what they really are.

  4. Anaheim Resident

    Do not vote for Jeanine Robbins or Paolo Magcalas.. Let’s rebuild Anaheim.

  5. Anaheim Resident

    Jeanine Robbins is running for District 4 City Council and Paolo Magalas is trying to get re-elected for the school board. They are both closely associated with the Jose Moreno/Mike Matsuda regime. Anaheim needs this group out of elected offices.

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