OC Democratic Party Deadlocks On Endorsement In District 5 Council Race

A split Democratic Party of Orange County Central Committee was unable to make an endorsement in the District 5 city council race last night, as committee members deadlocked between the two Democrat candidates, Kenneth Batiste and Sabrina Quezada. Councilman Steve Faessel, a lifelong Anaheim resident, businessman and city historian with many years of active civic and community involvement, is running for a second term.

Quezada received 25 votes to Batiste’s 24 votes. A 60% super-majority is required for an endorsement.

Batiste, is a 66-year old retired LA County probation officer and regular council gadfly. His supported by Councilman Jose F. Moreno’s political operation and followers, including blogger Vern Nelson – who recently crossed ethical and possibly legal lines by stuffing Batiste campaign literature into food boxes being handed out during neighborhood food distributions.

Quezada is a 25-year old single mother who describes herself as an “Environmental Graduate Student” in her ballot title. She recently received the endorsement of Rep. Lou Correa.

Batiste didn’t help his case with a now-deleted social media post attacking Avelino Valencia, the DPOC-endorsed candidate in District 4, and lambasting the committee for choosing him over two Moreno supporters. Batiste also publicly and falsely accused Quezada of not being a registered Democrat.

The DPOC’s failure to endorse marked the third straight time this summer that Councilman Jose F. Moreno has failed to persuade his fellow committee members to support his preferred council candidate.  In early July, the DPOC overwhelmingly endorsed Valencia in District 4 over two Moreno allies, Jeannine Robbins and Anaheim Union High School District Trustee Annemarie Randle-Trejo.  Next, the committee failed to endorse District 1 Councilmember and Moreno wing-woman Denise Barnes, who had switched from Republican to Democrat a few weeks earlier.

In other words, Moreno has failed to secure DPOC support for any member of his all-Democrat council candidate slate. And since Moreno is a member of the DPOC Central Committee, that means he cannot endorse against Valencia in District 4.


  1. I’ll be definitely voting for Steve Faessel for his second term. He’s an outstanding advocate of Anaheim and puts in his service adding value like no other.

    Unfortunately, Jose Moreno has difficulty working across party lines let alone his own.

    • Vote for Fassel!! He’s done a great job, available for our input, and consistently out doing good works especially during the pandemic!

  2. Ditto on the Steve Faessel vote.

  3. David Michael Klawe

    The DPOC hasn’t had a great 2020.

    Today’s OC Register is reporting on Jeff LeTourneau’s Facebook page praising Ho Chi Minh, and the resulting backlash from the Vietnamize American community.

    Ada Briceno was quoted saying, “It is with a heavy heart that I am calling a special meeting of the Executive Committee to discuss further action.”

    IMHO, Ada, the head of the DPOC and UNITE HERE 11 favors the far left part of the party, aka Dr. Moreno and Mr. LeTourneau. But the actual DPOC is preferring to stay closer to the middle of the party.

    I hope that District 1 truly understands how much Councilmember Barnes has changed from 2016.

  4. Vote for Steve Fassel! He is accessible to all of his district. He is available to Anaheim period. He is a long time resident who cares about Anaheim. He knows what Anaheim was like before, where it is now and what we need to do to get our city going in the right direction again.

  5. We cannot waste our shot- No votes for anyone affiliated with Moreno.

  6. No on Paolo Magcalas for school board. No on Randle-Trejo. No on Jeanine Robbins. No on anyone affiliated with Jose Moreno. Who did I miss? Let’s name them so people can understand what is at stake.

    Be assured the direction of our city is at hand and we must use our votes to change our city’s direction. It is so important to vote.

    Jose Moreno is bad for Anaheim. He is out for Jose Moreno and those who do his bidding. He does not help all people. He is at work to get “his” candidates voted onto the school board and city council. He is all about control. Our school’s scores are at the bottom. We need to make change happen for our students and for our citizens.

    Vote NO on anyone affiliated, endorsed, friends with – Jose Moreno. He is bad for Anaheim.

    • Anaheim District 4 – Annemarie Randle-Trejo and Jeanine Robbins
      Anaheim District 5- Kenneth Batiste
      Anaheim ESD District 3 – Paolo Magcalas
      This is the Jose Moreno slate. DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM!

    • I don’t agree with you, Dr. Moreno is the people’s candidate. I am voting for his candidates all the way down the line.

      • Jose Moreno is terrible for Anaheim. So are “his” candidates. He only represents some people. Moreno’s regime has been exposed by their words and deeds. Throw your vote away. No on Randle-Trejo, Denise Barnes, Jeanine Robbins, Kenneth Bautista, and Juan Paolo Magcalas. Have I missed anyone?

  7. I’d better see this type of energy when the mayor does the same thing Dr. Moreno is doing

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