The Paranoid Style In Progressive Anaheim Politics

Does this sound like something a reasonable person would say?:

Would a reasonable person entertain seriously the possibility that when a wide swatch (and likely majority) of Orange Countians to re-open the schools, it is really a deliberate conspiracy to commit genocide?

Of course not.

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

What’s most unsettling part is this isn’t the social media ranting of some random crackpot. It’s the opinion of a member of the Anaheim Elementary School District (AESD) Board of Education.  Juan Alvarez is also a teacher in the Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD) and an officer in the Anaheim Secondary Teachers Association (ASTA), the AUHSD teachers union.

A few days after this post, Alvarez and the other members of the union-dominated AESD Board voted to abandon in-person instruction for the fall and continuing with the remote-learning model that ill-serves students and their parents. It’s troubling to think that fear of a phantom genocide conspiracy factored into Alvarez’s vote.

As Orange County moves closer to meeting targets necessary for further re-opening, the AESD Board of Education will have the opportunity to re-consider its earlier vote and consider returning to in-person instruction. AESD families and voters should be concerned that at least one of the school board members is seriously thinks allowing kids back in to the classroom is part of a genocidal plot.


  1. The more outrageous the theory the more likely the vulnerable will believe it. This is malpractice and I wish I could say he is an outlier, but it is far too common today. It’s sad that these people have the ability to influence anyone much less children and some of their parents.

  2. Hey people are going to vote for The Orange Blob. Has he told a truth at all in 4 years. So now the progressive folks have their Trump. Biden/Harris 2020

  3. It’s a slap in the face to all “front line workers”. We have been working with the public since COVID started. The school district is babying their teachers. GO TO WORK!! It’s insulting and Mr Alvarez should be fired immediately. Stop crying and go to work and earn your paycheck. You might have forgotten that WE all the frontline workers pay your salaries. Just remember that.

  4. Juan Alvarez: Genocide really? You teach our kids.? We entrust you with their minds? What a horribly destructive and ridiculous comment. AESD needs to remove him.

  5. Thank you front line workers, all of you.

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