Councilmember Denise Barnes and Mark Richard Daniels, her appointee to the city’s Cultural & Heritage Commisson

Mark Richard Daniels, a vocal political supporters of Councilwoman Denise Barnes and her appointee to the Anaheim Cultural & Heritage Commission, resigned his position yesterday following publication of an Anaheim Independent article on sexually demeaning remarks he made on video about Jodie Mosely, a long-time advocate on crime, homelessness and other quality-of-life issue in West Anaheim.

An aide to Barnes delivered Daniels’ resignation letter to the City Clerk this morning, along with a letter from Barnes – two days after Mosley brought Daniels’ crude sexual remarks to her attention.

Neither Barnes nor Daniels have contacted Ms. Mosley to apologize, and Barnes has not responded to Mosley’s attempts to contact her regarding Daniels’ sexual deprecation.

Daniels’ comments can be heard on this excerpt of a video by R. Joshua Collins, who advocates against enforcement actions to clean-up homeless encampments and what he sees as harassment of the homeless. Collins was videoing an Anaheim police sting to bust an illegal casino in a shopping center at the intersection of Beach Boulevard and Ball Road.

At the 1:33 mark in the video, Daniels can be heard saying about Mosley:

“She’s probably blowing every one of those cops.”

When Mosley learned of Daniels comments, she attempted to contact Councilmember Barnes via text and e-mail about the incident and Daniels’ sexist behavior.  Mosley received no response from Barnes.

When the Anaheim Independent contacted Mosley this afternoon, she still had rec3ive no contact and no apology from Councilmember Barnes.

In his resignation letter, Daniels wrote:

“I would like to apologize to Jodie Mosley for the pain I have clearly caused her with my
words, which have unfortunately been made public on social media in a video, an action
I fear may have increased the humiliation I caused her. Mrs. Mosley, I am genuinely
sorry, and I humbly ask for your forgiveness.”

Mosley had not seen the letter when we spoke to her this afternoon, and said Daniels has not contacted her to apologize.

In her letter that was delivered to the mayor and city council late this morning, Barnes stated:

“It has come to my attention that Mark Daniels, a City Commissioner representing
Council District One, was verbally abusive to a local resident, and that his words
have now been made public through a videotape circulating on social media.
I am deeply offended by what Mr. Daniels said. I do not condone that sort of
language, in any circumstances.

As I recommended Mr. Daniels for the Council’s approval of his position on the
Cultural and Heritage Commission several years ago, I have asked for, and received,
his resignation, which accompanies my own message here.

I would like to add my own apologies to the resident for the words spoken by Mr.
Daniels. We can disagree about any number of issues, but those disagreements
should be limited to issues, and personal attacks are never warranted.”

Note that Barnes doesn’t mention Mosley by name, merely referring to a “local resident.” Furthermore, although Barnes expressed in her letter a desire to

However, Barnes was informed about her commissioner’s comments two days earlier. Mosley e-mailed Barnes about Daniel’s crude sexual comments on Wednesday, September 30, and included a link to the video.

She received no response from Barnes.

Mosley e-mailed Barnes again on Thursday morning, October 1:


This is vile and vulgar. And wrong.

I have not heard back from you.

You choice of the appointment of Mark Daniel’s to the Cultural Heritage Museum Commission and love for rj Collins is very wrong considering they posted a video of me on you tube accusing me of “blowing one of the cops”. 

You need to take responsibility for the people you you put on boards.

This is unacceptable. And it really shows who you are, but not even writing me back.

Shame on you


When the Anaheim Independent communicated with Mosley this afternoon, neither Barnes nor Daniels had contacted her to apologize. And she had not seen their respective letters.

Barnes has not responded to requests for comment sent to her via e-mail and comments on her Facebook page.

Daniels has not responded to our requests for comment. After being contacted by the AI, Daniels changed his social media settings to private.

R. Joshua Collins, who deleted his Facebook post containing the video after publication of our original story, has not responded to requests for comment.

Daniels is an active member of the Anaheim Democrat Club, which – among other issues – champions women’s rights. The Anaheim Independent posted a comment on the Club’s Facebook page seeking comment on Daniels’ vulgar sexual demeaning of a woman; our question/comment was deleted.

UPDATE: Anaheim Democrat Club President Ed Lopez posted this comment on October 2:

“I regret that your comment on an unrelated club Facebook post was deleted before I had the opportunity to respond. The club condemns denigrating and offensive comments about women and we think that Mark Daniels made the right decisions in apologizing for his remarks and in stepping down from his post as a city commissioner.”