Anaheim Elementary School District Trustee J. Paolo Magcalas is running for a second term. And for the first time, he has an actual opponent: Anaheim Councilwoman Lucille Kring.

Magcalas is having conniption that Kring is on a number of slate mailers: the campaign mailers sent to voters urging them to vote for certain candidates for Congress, legislature, city council, school board, etc.

Slate mailers cover the ideological and partisan spectrum: Budget Watchdog Newsletter, Democratic Voters Choice, Progressive Voter Guide, Latino Family Voter Guide, etcCandidate and ballot initiative campaigns pay to be on them.

Magcalas is having a cow that Kring is on all the above slates, and more:

Magcalas accuses the Kring campaign of “confusing and manipulating voters” – but he doth protest too much, since he is guilty of exactly what he accuses the Kring campaign of doing.

Magcalas is a far-left-wing Democrat. Yet, he paid $200 to be on the “Continuing The Republican Revolution.”

The Continuing The Republican Revolution slate is sent to Republican voters. Magcalas is not a Republican. In fact, he is the extreme opposite of a Republican. He has no desire to “Continue The Republican Revolution” but wants to roll it back.

In other words, Magcalas – according to his own standard – is trying to confuse and manipulate Republican voters into voting for him. Woke hypocrisy? Lack of self-awareness? Both?

I posed that question to Magcalas via a comment on his campaign Facebook page:

Magcalas responded by deleting my question and blocking me from viewing his Facebook page – which is illegal because Magcalas is an elected official and uses his Facebook to discuss public policy.

Magcalas’ comrade and mentor, Councilman Jose F. Moreno, joined the attack:

Proposition 15 guts Proposition 13 by ending the landmark 1978 initiative’s protections for commercial property. Councilman Moreno seems to have forgotten how in 2016 conservative donor Howard Ahmanson paid to include Moreno – who opposes Prop. 13 who has never met a tax he didn’t like – on the Save Proposition 13 slate mailer. In fact, Ahmanson paid to include the utlra-left-wing Democrat on all the Landslide Communications slate mailers such as the Republican Leadership Series and National Tax Limitation Committee slates.

That sort of hypocrisy and cynicism isn’t unusual for Moreno, nor confined to him.  Magcalas’ fellow AESD trustee, the opportunistic cipher Mark Lopez, joined in the scolding:

Lopez accuses Councilman Steve Faessel – to whom he lost decisively in 2016 – of being “disingenuous.”

Disingenuous? This is the same Mark Lopez who in 2016 brazenly mislead the OC GOP Endorsement Committee about voting for Barack Obama in the 2008 and 2012 Democratic primaries.  The same Mark Lopez who, when first running for city council, courted the support of the Resort community and expressed support for the TOT rebate policy before joining Team Tait and being against the TOT rebate policy.

Pots, meet kettles.