District 5: Ken Batiste Repeatedly Violating Campaign Donor Disclosure Law

Anaheim Independent reported last week how District 4 council candidate Annemarie Randle-Trejo has been blowing off laws governing disclosure of her campaign donors.
She isn’t the only one.
Over in District 5, Ken Batiste has been having trouble complying with campaign finance disclosure law. The period during which candidates are required to disclose contributions of more than $1,000 within 24 hours (known as a Form 497) began on August 5. For some reason, Batiste finds it impossible to comply with this requirement.
Batiste received a $2,000 contribution from Jason Young on August 17. The law required him to report it within 24 hours, but failed to do so until 5 weeks later.
On September 24, Batiste took a $2,000 contribution from Fullerton real estate developer Tony Bushala, but blew off filing the Form 497 report within the required 24 hours. Batiste waited a full month to disclose the campaign contribution, folding it into his larger Form 460 report covering the period September 20 to October 17.
On October 17, Batiste accepted a $1,500 from former Mayor Tom Tait, but didn’t report it until a week later.
In fact, on only one occasion has Batiste complied with the 24-hour reporting requirement: when would-be performing arts center developer Howard Knohl donated $1,000.
Batiste, like other Anaheim council gadflies and critics, ceaselessly prattle about transparency and attack the integrity of members of the council majority – while failing to hold themselves to the same standards.
Batiste’s repeated violations of campaign disclosure requirements come on top of his campaign’s proclivity for mixing charitable food donations with electioneering.
Selective Gadfly Outrage Over Campaign Contributions
Daniel Robbins is the son of left-wing council gadflies Mike and Jeannine Robbins, the latter of whom is running for city council from District 4.  She is part of the “Anaheim for the People” slate along with Batiste and District 1 Councilmember Denise Barnes.
Daniel Robbins has also been reviewing campaign finance reports, and posted what he views as a “gotcha!” regarding donations from developer Camphor Partners to the campaigns of District 5 Councilman Steve Faessel and District 4 candidate Avelino Valencia:
Like the rest of the Jose Moreno crew, young Robbins paints a developer contribution as “legal bribery.”
So, how does Daniel Robbins explain the fact Camphor Partners also made a maximum campaign contribution of $2,100 to Denise Barnes – whose re-election Robbins and his fellow progressive activists strongly support?:
Robbins doesn’t explain it. In fact, he completely ignores the Camphor Partners maximum donation to Barnes – presumably because it undermines his hysterical claim of “legal bribery.” After all, it would cut against Robbins’ ongoing narrative to accuses Barnes of being a “corrupt candidate” engaged in “legal bribery.”
These people give doubel standards a bad name.



    Hey Dummy. That Robbins kid is ” The smartest human being” candidate Robbins has ever known!

    Her Son!

    Really, Daniel with his Cal State Degree is “Smarter” than Jose? Is he smarter than Bob Iger? I will say he is more intelligent than pickled Vern Nelson or the other out of state LOSERS Vern and Greg have recruited……

    South Carolina and Wyoming….hotbed of political discourse.

    Vern and Greg snever had it so good with all this FREE COVID food!

  2. Kenneth Batiste and Vern Nelson sold their souls to Howard Knohl for a $1000?

    Did they even ask how much such a spectacular project would cost?

    It’s a performing arts center for goodness sakes! Judging from Knohl’s marketing, he wants this thing to be on the same level of grandeur as Washington DC’s Kennedy Center.

    This project wouldn’t be cheap and it certainly wouldn’t pay for itself. The only way such a project comes to fruition is by a Public/Private partnership. Knohl and his supporters would come up with maybe a few million dollars in fundraising and the taxpayers would have to pay for the rest of the project with several hundred million dollars in bonds.

    Vern attacks his political opponents and calls them Klepto’s for supporting such projects. Yet, he gladly gave away the last remnants of his virtue for a $1000.

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