New Councilman Valencia Pledges Focus On Neighborhoods, Reviving Economy, Public Safety

Remarks delivered by new Anaheim Councilman Avelino Valencia following his swearing in as representative of District 4:

Good evening Anaheim.

It is an honor to stand here before you.

I would like to thank God, my wife Monica, my parents – Avelino, Olivia –  and my brother, Alejandro, for accompany me this evening, as well as expressed my appreciation to everyone joining us virtually.

I would like to take a moment to congratulate Councilmembers Jose Diaz and Steve Faessel on their election.

I look forward to working with them, along with our mayor and other council colleagues for the betterment of Anaheim.

Thank you, as well, to councilmembers Denise Barnes and Lucille Kring for your service to our city. And the city for facilitating this evening.

A special thanks to our campaign team: Valeria, Daisy, Luis, Michael and Gary, for their commitment and contribution to our goal.

And I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge state Assemblymember Tom Daly. Thank you for your help and encouragement over the years.

I am proud and humbled by the broad coalition of support that united behind our campaign to get us where we are today.

This nexus is a culmination of the efforts put forth by family, friends, neighbors, volunteers, educators, public safety, labor groups, community organizations, businesses, elected officials, and most importantly, the residents of Anaheim’s District Four.

My commitment to our city is to continue expanding on this collaborative effort in order to improve the quality of life for all of Anaheim. Our city is hurting right now. And undergoing unprecedented dynamics due to the pandemic.

However, as a lifelong resident and proud product of Anaheim, I know that the generosity, spirit and strength of our residents will bring us through these public health and economic challenges.

Moving forward, my focus as a council member will be on the priorities that residents have communicated to me, including keeping residents safe and healthy, reenergizing our economy, improving our city’s efficiency and fiscal standing, and enhancing our neighborhoods and parks. Furthermore, I will be dedicated to working towards developing a culture of collaboration, respect, distinction and ethicality in our city.

I firmly believe that respectful discourse is a strong foundation for effective and efficient decision making at City Hall, and establishing this culture will yield favorably for the people of Anaheim.

My story is that of many Anaheimers, both past and present. I am the son of immigrant parents who came to this country in pursuit of improved outcomes. Their work and sacrifices, coupled with the opportunities the city has provided me, have equipped me to contribute to my hometown in the most impactful way that I can. From my mother, I’ve inherited the passion for serving my community. Ayudando al prójimo. And from my father – importancia de hecharle ganas. The strong work ethic.

Playing Little League at Boysne Park, my coaches taught me the value of teamwork and perseverance.

Throughout my education, my teachers at Roosevelt Elementary, South Junio High and Katella High School, set the foundation for me to pursue higher education and inspired me to become a lifelong learner.

Throughout my development, I benefited from community programs, clean parks, safe neighborhoods. The next generation of Anaheimers deserves these experiences, and more. Anaheim is, and has always been, my home. And I’m honored that the people of District Four have chosen me to represent them at City Hall. Thank you, Anaheim for entrusting me with this responsibility. I’m confident that our city’s best days are yet to come.

Cuidense y que dios los bendiga. God bless. Thank you.

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  1. Joshua M. Augenstein

    District 5 residents need your help. Out of town developers who care nothing about our community or our businesses bought the strip mall near the intersection of Ball Rd and Sunkist. Their interest tion is to demolish the mall along with all of the beloved and longtime businesses there, including an Anaheim landmark: The Jagerhaus. Then replace it with yet another carwash and 7-11. The last thing community needs are more of either of those. Let the planning commission, council members and the mayor know you do not approve!

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