More than 65,000 COVID-19 vaccines have been administered at the Disneyland Resort SuperPOD since it began operations on January 13; the outdoor site was closed for a few days due to heavy winds. When vaccines previously at the North Net Training Center are taken into account, more than 70,000 coronavirus vaccines have been administered in Anaheim since the New Year.

The supersite is now administering an average of 5,000 COVID vaccines a day, and is located on the Disneyland Resort’s Toy Story parking lot.

The vaccination roll-out is currently in what Governor Newesom terms “Phase1A”: critical healthcare workers and those who are 65 years of age and older. Click here for a more detailed breakdown of who is considered a critical healthcare worker for purposes of vaccination.

Any Orange County resident interested in signing up for a COVID-19 vaccine can enroll at When you become eligible and supplies permit, you’ll received an e-mail inviting you to register for a date and time at one of OC’s superPODs.  In addition to the Disneyland Resort superPOD, another was opened at Soka University in Aliso Viejo, with plans to open more.

There is understandable frustration on the part of many who signed up via Othena weeks ago. Vaccinations can only be schedule out according to deliveries from the state – meaning only a few days at a time. I signed up my 82-year old mother with Othena almost a month ago. Finally, this past Sunday, an e-mail arrived inviting her to sign up for a vaccine on February 2 or 3.

The operation at the Disneyland Resort superPOD is well-managed and effect.  Enrollees park, walk to a staging area near the back of the Toy Story parking lot, and are processed in staggered, socially-distanced lines. At various junctures, you have your temperature taken, complete a self-assessment either on the Othena app on your phone (the simplest way) or in person, and then arrive at the vaccination tent for the shot, followed by spending 15 minutes in the final tent to self-monitor for adverse reactions. All the staff were very helpful and friendly, and you were never standing still for very long.  I took my mother this morning at the scheduled time and she had the shot in her arm within 30 minutes of parking the car. She was apprehensive about going, but afterward she commented repeatedly on how well organized the vaccination operation was.

The predominance of senior citizens at the superPOD tracks with the general trend in Orange County: those between the ages of 65 and 84 make up about 38% of those vaccinated thus far. Many of the younger workers in the Phase 1A co-hort were vaccinated earlier, so seniors will make up an increasing percentage of those being vaccinated until the age elibility is dropped once again.