Moreno Fails To Condemn His Appointee’s “China Virus” Comment About Potential Sister City

Councilman Jose F. Moreno.

Tonight, the Anaheim City Council will consider dismissing one of Councilman Jose F. Moreno’s appointees to the Sister City Commission.

As first reported in the Anaheim Independent, at the February and March meetings of the commission, Commissioner Larry Larsen blasted consideration of sister city status with the Chinese city of Pudong, blaming China for the economic devastation inflicted on Anaheim caused by the COVID-19 virus that originated in Wuhan.

“You mean to tell me Pudong is even a remote consideration?,” Larsen thundered. “I’m blown away. This city that has taken it in the gut from China, and now we’re gonna smack happy with these people? I’m absolutely stunned.”

“Tell me how things have been out in the Resort Area this past year?,” Larsen continued. “It’s called the China virus. The City of Anaheim is in the tank. And we’re going to invite them into our house? I am stunned that anybody in Anaheim would even consider such a thing.”

You can read more of Larsen’s comments here.

Councilman Jordan Brandman raised the issue at the April 13 council meeting, during consideration of the anti-Asian hate resolution. Brandman described Larsen’s remarks “hateful comments” and called on Moreno to request that Larsen resigned before the April 27 council meeting. In any case, Brandman stated his intentions to agendize Larsen’s removal at the next council meeting.

Larry Larsen

Councilman Trevor O’Neil expressed his support for Larsen’s removal, characterizing his remarks as “extremely incendiary and ignorant remarks about an entire people being responsible for the pandemic.”

Moreno’s acknowledged that his appointee did indeed make those remarks, and said he would “have a conversation with him.”

“I consider him a friend, and that’s what you do.” Moreno tried to re-direct the narrative, saying the spirit of anti-Asian hate resolution was not about “sowing division” and affirming “that when our values are transgressed, whether they be our friends, acquaintances or [unintelligible], we reach out and figure out in our collective humanity how to come together at the end of the day.”

“As Martin Luther King said, an eye for an eye makes the world go blind,” Moreno continued.

Anyone who has observed Councilman Moreno’s political career could not help but be struck by the hypocrisy of his kumbaya stance regarding Larsen’s “China virus” comments.

When Covington High School senior Nick Sandmann was being unfairly smeared by the media and progressive activists (I repeat myself), Moreno had no time for collective humanity and coming together. Instead, he joined the social media pile-on that was destroying this teenager’s life, inciting his political followers to join him in the Two Minutes Hate:

The media coverage of the incident was shown to be inaccurate and biased, and Sandmann eventually won multi-million dollar libel settlements from several media outlets.

When local progressive activists (and some opportunistic politicians) sought to destroy this writer by grossly misrepresenting a satirical blog post, Moreno had no time for reaching out in collective humanity. Instead, Moreno went into eye-for-an-eye mode and publicly joined the political lynch mob seeking to destroy my ability to earn a living.

Given his history, Moreno’s current posturing about “kindness” and understanding is hard to take. If a critic or political opponent had said the same things, Moreno would be shouting from the rafters for their censure and removal. But when it’s one of his political allies, Moreno refuses to condemn those comments and indulges in hollow moral posturing. The question is whether Moreno possesses the self-awareness to discern his hypocrisy.


  1. Perhaps the “Celestial Virus” then.

  2. The Drunk Man From Anna Drive

    My goodness, can you watch the first dozen speakers at last nights meeting and take ANYTHING these people say seriously?

    Really, singing songs, dressing up like tinkerbell, sharing your “loved ones” mental breakdown with the world? Really????

    I can’t wait to hear how the DPOC and Misha Hauser reacts when she see’s the video of her “friend” laughing as someone (who by the way was caught on a hot mike disparaging a female community activist earlier) making a Anti-Semitic and Homophobic slur to describe Jordan Brandman.

    Jose is a hypocrite. PERIOD.

  3. After Jose’s professionally scripted reading of his “EMAIL” to his appointee. He followed up with an editorial about how “hard” the members of the commission work and how “they lack support”.

    Really Jose, more than UNITE HERE 11 members, more than the struggling families on Anna Drive that he pimps out. Does Larry Larsen really work harder than a garden raising six kids in an 800 soft apartment in West Anaheim or does he live in Westmont in a million dollar house like YOU.

    When Dr. Moreno and his wife, whose combined income is North of $250k a yeR, start paying Mark Daniel’s Rent or pays for sensitivity traing for Fitz (and a God Damned nose hair trim). Then maybe then he can be taken seriously.

    I found 16 “GO Fund Me” accounts associated to this guy. But he and his appointed school principal are pulling a cool 1/4 million. Free tickets, free food (yeah Jose, we know how you always like to ask for “freebies” for the girls at coffee/Juice Bar. Yeah pretty hard to take any of these clowns seriously when you peel back the layers.

    Oh BTW, Did Diamond give his old sandals to Verns wife. She shuffled around like a lady in a hospital wing.

    Utterly SAD.

  4. Sergio E Gonzalez

    I find no issue with Mr. Larsen calling the COVID-19 Virus either the Wuhan Virus, nor the China Virus, as historically and traditionally we have named battles, conflicts, pandemics, fires and more by their point of origin or geographical location. For example: The Normandy Invasion, The Battle of the Alamo, The Spanish Flu, The Hong Kong Flu, The Watts Riots, The Bel Air Fire etc. There is no malice in designating or describing an event by the region of its inception. Now, that said… to place blame on an entire group of people who reside in said region is wrong.
    What disturbs me is the hypocrisy displayed by Mr. Moreno and his loyal followers. I have no doubt that they jumped on the “Insurrection Day” bandwagon and condemned all Trump supporters for the actions of a few. I can envision their vitriol at all cops in the aftermath of the George Floyd incident. I can hear cries of “White Privilege” or “Racist” every time they fail to get their way or someone disagrees with them. They seem to have no issue in maliciously labeling a group of people, an organization or a country when it suits their agenda. I do find issue with the terms “Hate Crimes” and “Hateful Comments”, a term that was used by Mr. Brandman in describing Mr. Larsen’s opinion, as it again places the burden of proof on the person who finds said word hateful. The word ass is subjective. It can describe an animal or be used to describe an individual or an idea. It can be a descriptor or pejorative. Words are benign. Words are a communication tool. It is the intent in using a certain word by an individual that changes their meaning and even that can be misinterpreted. Take the Southern phrase “Bless Your Heart”. On the surface it seems so kind and loving but it is used by people when dealing with a person they consider having, let’s say, limited intellectual capacity. It is usually accompanied by a shaking of the head and uttered in a soft, pity infused voice.
    When I was working as a firefighter someone could call me a firefighter. It is descriptive. Now, if someone pointed at me and angrily yelled firefighter and spit because their house burned to the ground then I could interpret that differently although it does not change that fact that what I was called is not incorrect, I am still a firefighter, but the way it was uttered changes the word. Now, to go even further, to be mad at all firefighters all over the world because a few firefighter’s actions, or inactions, is totally ludicrous but that is what the Left does.
    Everyone is so quick to become offended, victimized and at the same time self-righteous. If Mr. Larsen uttered his statement with malice and hate well that is one thing. If he is simply opining, then it simply is an opinion. Opinions are not a declarative statement of fact. They are neither right nor wrong and their truth or foolishness depends on who is stating said opinion and who is listening and it simply is what an individual believes. That said, I am tired of the hypocrisy. Benevolence and contrition always seems to be demanded by the Left from those whom which they disagree.
    Society will never be able to hold discussions on race because the self-proclaimed victims do not want to hear logical and rational dialogue. They do not want the issue fixed. They do not seek equality; they seek extra privilege.
    I welcome the addition of the City of Pudong, China. (a district located in Shanghai) As I have said many times, Anaheim is host to the World. Why exclude a group of people because of the foolishness of their governments? Were that the case internationally, we Americans would be home bound for a long time.
    No need to call me names as this is just my opinion.

  5. Did I hear somebody mention “teddy bear?” You shouldn’t have, Matt.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Is that moral condescension coming from the guy with 5 DUI convictions? Thank God you never killed or hurt anyone while your were drunk behind the wheel of car, Vern. Maybe a little more humility is appropriate.

      • You’re the one complaining about how your innocent “satirical blog post” was so unfairly misunderstood and unappreciated. Doesn’t sound like you learned anything. I thought people should know what you were referring to in your penultimate paragraph.

        • Matthew Cunningham

          As usual, you read what you want to read and hear what you want to hear – reality notwithstanding. You’re worse than a fool.

        • Vern, Matt gave Larry Larsen a fair shake. He quoted him at length and in context, without editorializing.

          Matt’s coverage highlighted Jose Moreno’s double-standard: empathy and understanding for his friends, condemnation for his opponents and critics. Matt brought up the old blog post in the context of Moreno’s hypocrisy.

          You, on the other hand, ignore Moreno’s double-standard and weave one of your fairy tale good guys and bad guys narratives.

        • did you ear that orange outfit well in prison Vern? LA City Jail for a year right? Shall I send you a case of two buck chunk or is that a higher class of booze that you’re accustomed to?

        • Does Jose Moreno know about this?:

          Will he say anything? Or will he “talk” to his “friend” because that’s what friends do?

          Come on Jose – that’s why we rise!!

    • Vern’s posturing would be funny if it weren’t so pitiful and dishonest. He assails every police shooting as murder,” but every time he got behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated, he was a deadly weapon. And with 5 DUI convictions, you know he drove drunk far more than five times. Everyone makes mistakes, including Matt, but Vern put people’s lives in danger over and over again.

      • Hypocrite Nelson

        So I have a question for the “Drunk Man From Anna Drive”:

        Were you the family member your wife said was having a mental breakdown in the street, requiring three APD units and costing the city thousands of dollars?

        Boy your FTP position just got smashed in the face. Oh wait it was a can of soup………right.

    • Vern The Creepy Hypocrite

      You shouldn’t have been doing this weird creepy stuff.

      • Hypocrite Nelson

        So it’s becoming increasingly clear that Vern Nelson was the one having “mental issues” requiring three APD units and countless to Anna Drive.

        Only it was a “Mescal issue” not psychological.

        How many times has Vern P. Nelson interacted with APD and to what cost to Anaheim? Very clearly, Vern and Donna cost the city TEN FOLD to what they contribute.

        The gig is up Vern. Pack your bags and head back to Huntington Beach. You have taken advantage of everyone you can here, Including a grieving Mother.

        You are a hopeless, hapless drunk with wifi bro.


    Moderate THIS!

    • Matthew Cunningham

      It’s been this site’s long-standing comments section policy not to allow A) unsubstantiated allegations/rumors, especially from B) anonymous sources.

  7. The Drunk Man From Anna Drive

    At what point does Misha Hauser, who Vern calls a “Close Friend” or Ada Briceno the chair of the DPOC condemn these guys.

    Vern posts a picture of Councilmember Brandman in a yamaka subtitled “Jordans 2021 Look”.

    Now he’s using his bully pulpit to harrass other women and even his unstable wife chimes in.



  8. Dan Chmielewski

    I’ve posted the link twice on OJ. Someone keeps taking it down. I won’t be letting Vern use my bathroom….ever

    • The Drunk Man From Anna Drive

      Yeah, Greg “food porn” Diamond seems to have a HEAVY delete finger.

      If so, he is once AGAIN complicit with Vern’s LEACHARY. Is that OK Greg.
      Vern is 60 years old!!!

  9. Salvation Army Intake Officer

    I see “The Drunk Man on Anna Drive” has over 1,000 FB Friends including some OC’s most progressive people.

    What would these Women and Men say if they or a loved one were told to Suck My C@ck” from someone they have NEVER met, NEVER spoken too and ignored you, only to have her picture posted with a caption that He was master acting to the photo.

    Keep in mind this is a MARRIED women, who by all accounts is a straight laced Mother.

    Let’s take a page out of Vern and Donna’sentor and fellow racist, homophobe, antisemitic, misogynistic pal Fitz and read Vern’s note at council and play Donna’s tape.

    Then we can publicly ask Council and former Mayor Taiit and ALL of Vern”s FB friends to chime in.

  10. Dan Chmielewski

    I’ve been blocked from commenting on the OJ blog. Remembering how Vern whined that I had blocked him when I didn’t. As far as Donna’s VM goes, is Vern the voice in the background prompting her to say nice things about how much he cares? Blink twice Donna if you need help

  11. Great non-denial denial from Mark and Vern.
    Let’s review:

    Vern denies sending a woman a sexually explicit message and threatening here. NOPE SOMEBODY ELSE DID. NEVER HAPPENED.

    Vern denies accosting Lori Galloway. NOPE NEVER HAPPENED.

    Vern denies singing a song calling Avelino a carpetbagger. NOPE NEVER HAPPENED.

    Mark Richard Daniel’s never slighted a woman saying “She Blows Cops” . NOPE. NEVER HAPPENED.

    Vern absolutely was not responsible for posting (the next day) a picture of Jordan in a yarmulke. NOPE. NEVER HAPPENED.

    Greg Diamond never defended Julio Perez, claiming the XXX media he showed to an 19 year old girl.

    They NEVER called Tiffany Ackley a “bi-polar b!tch” NOPE NEVER HAPPENED.

    Vern NEVER placed Batiste flyers in a food for votes scam. NO WAY JOSE.

    And on and on. My point is Vern Patrick Nelson and company have a problem with the TRUTH.. Like petulant child, these guys blame EVERYONE ELSE, taking zero responsibility for their irresponsible behavior.

    This is rooted DEEP in Vern’s illness. Another example of his treachery and dishonesty. Let’s just call Vern and friends what they are: SELF-SERVING LIARS.

    • Next Patient Please

      I don’t know about all that stuff, but Vern’s denials about that HB Facebook group document are not at all convincing.

      Vern admits those sexual comments from the OJB Twitter account are real, but denies it was him. Even IF that were true, that means Vern knows who it is and is COVERING UP for that person. He has a moral obligation to reveal who the harasser is.

      And IF that is true, then why did his wife Donna leave a voice mail apologizing for what VERN did (and then blaming it on his alcoholism)? Vern doesn’t address that at all. Is his wife a liar? Are Vern and Greg Diamond going to claim the VM is some sort of deep fake? Or that she is part of vast conspiracy Greg imagines is trying to discredit Vern?

      Those guys are are liars and hypocrites (and in Greg’s case, add delusional conspiracist).

      • Dan Chmielewski

        Vern has a hands on approach to dealing with these denials and I’m sure he’ll pull himself through it without rubbing anyone the wrong way

  12. So apparently the alcohol infused delusions at the OJB continue.

    Vern suspects I am someone else who posts “Really Stupid Things” that’s pretty rich given what he is accused of.

    The best part is: EVERYTIME Vern pipes up at council, at meetings or on the web, he will be reminded of this AND the other TRUE FACTS I posted here.

    He is boxed himself in a corner, or up a light pole!

    So who posted the comment lying Vern?

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