Jose Moreno Gets “Community Service” Slap On The Wrist For Illegally Shutting Down Katella/Habor Intersection In Union Action

Photo credit: Jeff Gritchen, OC Register

On January 24, 2019, the militant hotel workers union UNITE-HERE Local 11 orchestrated a shut-down of the busy intersection of Katella Avenue and Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim. It was a deliberate attempt disrupt the opening day of the NAMM Show – the Anaheim Convention Center’s biggest trade show. Local 11 was in a labor dispute with the Sheraton Anaheim Hotel, and the made-for-media shutdown of Katella and Harbor was an attempt to pressure the Sheraton Anaheim management – although it was motorists, conventioneers and Anaheim taxpayers who paid the price for this “direct action.”

:Local 11 patrona Ada Briceno recruited Councilman Jose F. Moreno to play a leading man role in its well-orchestrated union street theater – which necessitated a massive deployment of Anaheim police resources.  Moreno, Briceno and 18 others were arrested and charged with two misdemeanors.

The planned arrest drama snarled traffic, stranded the transit-dependent as buses were re-routed, pinned down Anaheim police officers (taking them away from normal law enforcement duties), and disrupted the lives of people who had nothing to do with the labor dispute. Or as Councilman Moreno rationalized it: “There was inconvenience.”

While Moreno publicly justified his decision to break the law, just days before he criticized cities that did no want to comply with SB 54 (the “Sanctuary State” law that prohibits state and local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration officials) for “not following the law.”

Moreno and his comrades pled “not guilty” and were represented by a former proscecutor-turned-criminal-defense-attorney. It’s unclear whether Moreno paid for his pro-rated share of the defense, or if a third party footed the bill (in which case he is legally required to report it as a gift).

The case dragged and languished for more than two years, until April 12, when Judge James Rogan granted the defendants request for “diversion” (without any objection from the prosecution).

“Diversion” means Moreno and his 19 co-defendants have to complete 20 hours of community service by August 12 of this year. If he (and they) doesn’t break the law again between now and then, and pays any requisite fines and fees, then the case is dismissed.

In other words, a slap on the wrist for an intentional, orchestrated violation of the law and waste of taxpayer and law enforcement resources by an elected official.


  1. Larry Herschler

    I am disappointed that you call assigned community service “a slap on the wrist” I work at a non profit agency and we welcome community service volunteers. The service they provide is welcomed. Exhibiting free speech maybe inconvenient for some, and I don’t agree with Moreno but DO NOT call community service ASlap on the wrist.

  2. Larry Herschler

    It is a necessary service to the community. Depending on your definition of punishment. Do you want to pick up trash on the freeways? Do you want to pack food boxes? They are providing a service. If you don’t consider that punishment , that is your choice.

  3. I would like to see this group doing assigned community service rather than they having a hand in selecting the service.

    At the least they should be wearing orange jumpsuits, picking up trash along the freeway. They should be made an example. They should not get to use our resources, tie up said resources, and “inconvenience” citizens and businesses.

    Moreno and his group are NOT good for Anaheim.

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    As most know, Nelson relapsed recently and caused a stir for sending sexually explicit messages to a stranger. A woman he never met. Then drunkenly posted her photo in a “revenge: act

    Will Jose sign? Jordan? What about Mrs. Moreno, the MOTHER of four women?

    Get Help Vern.

    • Dan Chmielewski

      Link please. Vern threw Donna under the bus. Blamed her for all the nasty Tweets.

      • Haha, Dan believes you. You people all believe each other, don’t you?

        • Vern – do you deny that you wrote those tweets?

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        • And are you trying to blackmail Jordan Brandman into voting against the car wash project? That’s what it sounds like.

        • Dan Chmielewski

          Actually, I’m asking for a link that there is actually a petition. You can blame your wife for the tweets obviously written by different people, but then there is that voice mail where you’re prompting her to say certain things.

          I heard you ran out of hand lotion; the 99 cent store has it cheap. Bet Nick doesn’t shake hands with you

  5. Veronica Rubio

    STOP giving this LOSER attention.

    Vern is a violent unpredictable drunk.

    Why would ANYONE with a wife, daughter or sister even look in this creeps direction is beyond comprehension.

    How can ANAHEIM “Progressives” stand with this delusional, unbalanced fool? I’ll leave that to the other moral leaders, like Mark “Blow Me” Daniel’s.

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    • Wow. I wouldn’t have believed it until I saw drunk Vern arguing the Sunkist development. Of course he FAILED again. What fool.

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