Moreno Demands City Issue Statement That Is Anti-Free Speech

As we reported earlier, Councilman Jose F. Moreno was the primary mover behind the successful anti-free speech effort to force a controversial conservative political rally out of Anaheim.

In an e-mail this Saturday weekend to Mayor Harry Sidhu, City Manager Jim Vanderpool and Planning Director Ted White, Moreno demanded that “at minimum,” the city must also issue a “strong and determinative statement” that these type of xenopobic, racist, anti-Semitic, misogybnist events that seek to undermine our democracy by promiting the Big Lie are not welcomed in [Anaheim].

Councilman Moreno needs to brush up on the 1st Amendment, because this startling and paranoid statement clearly belies his claim to be a “supporter and advocate of free speech.”

In the mind of Moreno, terms like racist and xenophobic apply to anyone who doesn’t buy into his left-wing political views. If you think we should account for all public assistance recevied when determining a green-card holder’s dependence on public assistance, that makes you a “racist.” If you think citizenship is more than mere residency and that illegal immigration should be stopped, then you’re a “xenophobe.”  And on and on.

Woke Left believers like Moreno view the Republican Party, for example, as a vehicle for racism, xenophobia and all manner of bigotry.  What he is demanding is an official statement by the city labeling tens of thousands of Anaheim residents as racists and xenophobes.

When Democrat politicans and activists – many of them local – spent the last few years promoting the Trump-Russia Collusion hoax, did Moreno demand the city issue a “determinative statement” declaring those folks unwelcome in Anaheim?

Or was that an acceptable Big Lie?

As John F. Kennedy said at the Berlin Wall, “freedom is indivisible.” Free speech is for all Americans – especially when we disagree with it or find the views being expressed reprehensible.  Politicians like Councilman Moreno shouldn’t decide who deserves it and who doesn’t, or who can say what, where, in Anaheim – or anywhere else.

We live in a political culture where the meaning of words like “racist” and xenophobe” are twisted and stretched until they lose meaning, and are weaponized as tools for silencing others. Moreno himself has engaged in that sort of behavior on the council dais. Proposals like his only serve to chill free and fearless debate.

Moreno’s demand is hysterical, radical and anti-free speech. Let’s hope he has cooled off and refrains from making this embarrassing and intolerant request.


  1. Daniel Sterling Lamb

    Heya Matt, this is an old target of yours, Daniel Lamb, do you remember your posts about Anaheim PD and manta ray? You said they were using some kind of device to drain cell phone battery life. This news about the Pegasus spyware brought me back to those days. Anywho, hope all is well.

  2. Larry Herschler

    I don’t even know how to respond to this article. Two other cities banned the same two politicians from their cities for the same reason Anaheim did. They spew venom and lies. Yes, they have first amendment rights and a city can deny them the venue . Let those two “clowns” I don’t have any other word for them spew their garbage but if Anaheim blocks them, more power to the City of Anaheim. Let them suffer the consequences for yelling fire in a movie theatre.

    • You need to brush up on the First Amendment and the responsibilities of government entities to not violate civil rights.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      The difference is in Laguna Hills you didn’t have the city government leaning on the venue operator to cancel.

      I really don’t think you want government to have to power to block citizens from exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

  3. Larry Herschler

    Actually there are moments when first amendment rights can be blocked. Mention a bomb at an airports mention a fire in a theater. Watch what happens when you mention a threat agains a president. I am a firm believer in the first amendment. You have plenty of rights to say idiotic things. And the big liar in -chief proved that point.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Except the organizers of that rally weren’t yelling fire in a theater. Not even remotely. Using his official position to prevent them from freely assembling was wrong.

  4. Larry Herschler

    No only lies and falsehoods. If you still believe the el cation was stolen, or that bleach cures covid. It is your right to say so. However if it may provoke disturbances and the same folks are being disinvited, maybe their voices might be permitted but the organizers of their “speeches” have a right to deny them. Let them speak somewhere they cannot be heard

    • Matthew Cunningham

      A) I don’t believe the election was stolen. B) the theme of the rally was “Stand Up To Communism.” I didn’t realize that went against Moreno’s values or what he claims are “Anaheim’s values.”

      Regardless, people have the right to free speech. That includes espousing kooky theories. Councilman Moreno believes in plenty of kooky things. He’s a professor in a department that is a kooky ideology masquerading as an academic discipline. And he does it on the taxpayers’ dime.

      Not only do neither you nor Moreno have any idea – or any real basis – for claiming that rally would have “provoked disturbances” but that is a super-elastic rationale for authorities to shut down free speech. After all, that’s what they do in places like Cuba and China – it’s all in the name of “public safety.”

  5. You know who suppresses free speech and uses the government to repress citizen’s rights to assemble? Communists.

  6. Matt, this has been the most enjoyable conversation. Stand up against communism. You and I both know neither one of them were going to say anything about communism and I seriously doubt that either of them understand the issues. They have 1st amendment rights and can speak where they want. However, private business and yes, even cities can stop a speech. I guess this is like saying no one knew that the”vacation only folks were just taking a tour of the capital.” Keep up the good work. We are going to agree to disagree on this issue. And I do agree Moreno has gotten a little to pompous. There is an election coming.

  7. Anaheim Insider

    Anaheim Insider here.

    After watching Moreno during last night’s council meeting, it’s hard not to say something.

    He’s a petulant child in a man’s body. Watching him argue with Mayor Sidhu is like watching a 10-year old whining, “It’s not fair! You’re nicer to my sister than you are to me!”

    Jordan Brandman’s texts were gross and reflect very poorly on him. I hope he’s embarrassed and ashamed. They were also part of a private conversation.

    The gadflies take it too far by acting as if the texts were a literal threat to physically harm Denise Barnes. No one in their right mind believes that.

    It’s rich listening to Vern Nelson passing moral judgement on anyone. 5 DUIs, a credible accusation of sexual harassment/assault, even his friends publicly admitting he is a lecher. He makes fun of Jose Diaz’s accent and calls him “Ricky Retardo” (I’m sure the developmentally disabled community appreciates that one). Last night Vern actually mimicked Harry Sidhu’s accent.

    Jose Moreno loves to talk about standing up for his values, especially “when it is hard to call out your friends.” When will Jose Moreno call out his buddy Vern Nelson for being racist?

    Vern’s wife Donna ain’t much better. Does anyone believe her doe-eyed innocence routine when she said she didn’t know what the “C-word” meant? This is the same person who logged on to Vern’s OJB Twitter account and sent obscene messages to a women she’d never met. The woman who doesn’t know what the “c-word” means tweeted gems like “Suck my c-ck.” Donna might want slide off that moral pedestal.

    Then there’s Jose Moreno himself, puffed up with indignation at the hapless Brandman for a gross text. The same Moreno who asked a judge not to give any prison time to his brother-in-law who had been convicted of beating his wife. The judge ignored him and put the wife beater behind bars.

    Moreno wants Brandman to resign over an obscene figure of speech, but pleads for no jail time for a guy who actually, really, physically beat a woman? And nobody points out the hypocrisy?

    The same Jose Moreno who includes the disgraced Julio Perez at family functions AFTER Perez is fired from the the OC Labor Federation for sexually harassing female staff? Moreno was silent about that.

    The same Jose Moreno who continues his association with another wife abuser, Victor Valladares?

    The lesson: if you’re a political opponent who sends an obscene private text about a woman, Moreno calls for your censure and resignation. If you’re a friend or ally who actually abuses women, then he says nothing and might invite you to hang out.

    Silence is complicity.

    • I completely forgot about Tio Iggy and his physical and emotional abuse. And he did beat his wife and children.

      I wish Donna would stop with the “my son was handcuffed and executed by Anaheim PD.” No he wasn’t. He jumped out of a stolen car and shot a gun at Police who were better at returning fire than he was. Acevedo had various drugs in his system and his DNA was on the fired gun. Are we allowed to ask if he had gang tattoos?

      Donna and Vern are the only ones with access to the OJB Twitter account and the stuff they wrote to other women in OC is every bit as bad as whatever Jordan wrote about Denise Barnes.

      Someone ask Denise if she’s OK with Jose’s letter to the judge asking for no jail time

      • There are many reasons inquiring minds don’t believe the official story about Joey. One of these days I’m gonna have to write them all down again. You could start with the fact that the police’s story changed radically two hours after the killing – first they had “found a gun in Joey’s glove compartment,” and then all of a sudden he’d had it in his hands, had fired it twice at Officer Phillips, and Phillips, “fearful for his life,” fired back.

        There’s much more but I won’t get into it here. We’re glad they’re not killing QUITE so many young men these days.

  8. Hypocrite Activist

    I posted this EXACT comment on the OJB on Wednesday Morning at 8:00 AM. Unsurprisingly it never saw the light of day. Here it is:

    I have a question for Mark Richard Daniels. The question is this: In your speech to city council you implored the council to do something about the deadly problem of crack cocaine and Crystal Meth. You addressed Councilman Diaz directly and said that 50 feet from his house was littered with drug pipes and paraphanellia like shattered glass pipes. Are these the same glass pipes Mike and Jeanie Robbins illeagally sell at their “pop – up” shop in front of their house? Now that they have been exposed for selling at the family friendly OC Marketplace?

    Just asking Mark. Since this issue is SO important.

  9. Anaheim Insider

    Off-topic: why does Avelino Valencia wear a mask on the dais?

    He doesn’t wear them when he’s out in public, mixing with people at events.

    The only time he puts it on is when he’s on the council dais, 30 feet from the public, surrounded by plexiglass. Is it just COVID theater?

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