OC Board of Education Sponsors Forum On Ethnic Studies/Critical Race Theory On July 27

On July 24, the Orange County Board of Education is sponsoring a panel discussion about Critical Race Theory and its ideological twin, Ethnic Studies. Both are are sweeping out of the academy and into K-12 education, corporations and government.

The OCBE panel was chosen by OC Board of Education members, and includes panelists who are both opposed to and supportive of CRT and Ethnic Studies.

Ethnic Studies has been steadily penetrating Anaheim public schools beginning with the Anaheim Union High School District after progressive political activist Mike Matsuda was appointed superintendent. It was introduce there by history teacher Jose Paolo Magcalas with the state goal of “liberating” students from the “oppression” of “Eurocentric” U.S. history curriculum.

The AUSHD Board of Education recently voted to force students to take Ethnic Studies in order to graduate from high school.

Magcalas is also a member of the Anaheim Elementary School District Board of Education. At Magcalas behest, the AESD Board last year voted to force its K-6 students to take Ethnic Studies in order to graduate.  Four of the five members of the AESD Board of Education are progressives political activists who work for the AUSHD.

The state recently passed legislation forcing California State University students to take Ethnic Studies in order to graduate.


  1. Who does the corrupt Board of Education think they’re fooling? It’s as plain as the noses on their racist faces. This is actually worse than that “Common Core” scam they used to dumb down students bc uneducated people are easier to control. No matter how much lipstick you try and put on crt, it’s as racist as racists can possibly be and We The People know it , and so does the board of Indoctrination.

  2. Yeah Matt, this should be real credible – Ken Williams’ same Clown Posse that spent this last year holding panels on how masks and vaccines will kill you, and that Covid is a hoax.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Weak sauce. You attack one person who is not on the panel in a lame attempt to discredit the panelists.

      By your logic, anyone you support should be discredited by the very fact of your support – given your record.

    • Vern Nelson commenting on credibility? What’s next? “My wife sent those Tweets, not me” and “how do I delete a Tweet again?”

  3. 1857- Juan Pacifico Ontiveros sells land to Germans that would become Anaheim

    1906- Alejandro Morales sells tamales out a tamale wagon and establishes XLNT tamales.

    1936- OC citrus war begins which sees all the orange grove pickers go on strike for better wages and unionize.

    1940s- Emiliano Martinez successes in helping desegregate Pearson Park and their pool.

    1950s- Mexican schools begin to desegregate

    1960s- The Morales family, the same family from XLNT tamales invents Doritos at Disnyland.

    The above would all be taught in Ethnic Studies, its all Anaheim History so what’s the issue?

    • Matthew Cunningham

      You’re being disingenuous – as if that collection of historical facts is what constitutes Ethnic Studies. You omit the philosophy that binds Ethnic Studies together.

      It’s funny when Ethnic Studies apologists try to pretend it isn’t about pushing a political viewpoint.

  4. Ethnic studies/crt, or whatever you want to name this “supposed” history lesson is nothing more than bashing the white man for being so successful. Envy and jealousy are two characteristics that are truly unbecoming, and this “Anti-American” agenda couldn’t be more obvious. The indoctrination of our youth is blatant and pathetic, if not very sad. Your race-baiting, using clever names, is still race-baiting

  5. Jeanine McCaffrey

    CRT , even by any other name, is still racist. CRT indoctrination should not be in our schools. Why tell kids with no race issues that they should base any interaction with others by the person’s skin tone?

    Remember when college dorms integrated black, white, and other ethnic students? Big win for everybody, and a huge step towards ending segregation. Now, some students want separate dorms, separate graduation ceremonies, etc.

    Segregation, welcome back.

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