The Anaheim Union High School District has hired the Center for Racial Justice in Education – a left-wing advocacy group – to conduct a “Racial Equity Audit” of Katella High School and Cypress High School, as well as inculcating school staff in “anti-racist” ideology.

The Center for Racial Justice in Education (CRJE) is headquartered in New York City. It’s mission is to “train and empower educators to dismantle patterns of racism and injustice in our schools and communities” and describes itself as “steadfast in our belief that racism has deep roots in our institutions, in our families, and in our communities. There is no place of learning—no child, no educator—that is immune to its effects.”

Under the agreement, the CRJE will implement its year-long “Racial Justice In Organizations” (RJIO) program at Katella and Cypress high schools. The program began this July and runs until May of 2022.

Under the contract, the Center for Racial Justice in Education will conduct a “Racial Equity Audit” of both high schools. Racial equity has become an ubiquitous catch phrase of the social justice Left. While it is common for people to think of equity and equality as synonymous, in the ideological worldview of advocacy groups like the CJRE, they have very different meanings. Equality, as traditionally understood in the context of America’s founding principles, refers to our equality as citizens – a prerequisite to self-government by consent. Equity, as it is being used by Woke progressives, refers to outcomes.

The CRJE will use the “Racial Equity Audit” results to craft a “Racial Equity Strategic Plan” to be implemented for each school.  Among other things, these “Racial Equity Strategic Plans” will incorporate anti-racism and racial equity practices into such areas as hiring and recruitment.

Concurrently, “key stakeholders” from both campuses will be enrolled in “Talking About Race” training, where they will be taught the Critical Race Theory precepts about racism, “white supremacy,” systemic racism, etc.

The CRJE will also establish a “Racial Equity Leadership Council” (RELC) at each school. The contract scope of work describes these as vehicles for educators to “take action towards promoting anti-racism in the larger school/organizational community.”  These Racial Equity Leadership Councils will meet twice a month and be composed of an administrator, several teachers from various grades, at least one “paraprofessional,” a parent or “family coordinator” and a student.

As part of setting up these RELCs to police the school sites for systemic racism and promote “anti-racism,” the Center for Racial Justice in Education will provide “executive coaching” of a “selected school leader (typically principal or head of school)” in order to inculcate the precepts of “anti-racist leadership.”

The term “anti-racism” is a classic example of language manipulation. Anti-racism is not the same as treating people fairly and equally – without regard for their race or ethnicity. In fact, according to the anti-racist ideology, that kind of color-blindness is just another form of racism designed to prop of a “white supremacist” power structure. Indeed, anti-racism advocates support discrimination on the basis of race if it advances what they consider to be racial justice (see Ibram X. Kendi’s best-seller How To Be An Antiracist).

From Center for Racial Justice in Education’s “Talking About Race” training

The contract with the Center for Racial Justice in Education was unanimously approved by the AUSHD Board of Education On July 15, with little discussion. District staff was silent as to how the district decided to contract with the Center for Racial Justice in Education, and board members asked no questions about the content of the program.

Board member Al Jabbar, who seconded the motion to approve the contract, merely asked Assistant Superintendent Jaron Fried to explain how the CRJE contract differs from the district’s contract with the OC Human Relations Council to conduct “implicit bias” training.

The Anaheim Independent has contacted the AUSHD with a number of questions about the contract, such as why the district targeted Katella and Cypress high schools for the program, whether the district believes it suffers from systemic racism, etc.  We have received no response – nor even an acknowledgement of our inquiries. Unfortunately, this is par for the course for AUHSD.

The Center for Racial Justice in Education is a political advocacy group that is explicitly engaged in using the public school system to advance woke anti-racism ideology. They aren’t shy about their mission. It dovetails with the philosophy of Critical Pedagogy embraced by activist teachers, which holds that teaching is an inherently political act, and educator have a moral obligation to “teach for social justivce.”

It’s clear from even a cursory examination that its Racial Justice In Organizations program ideological in nature, and designed to indoctrinate school administrators and teachers in anti-racist ideology – which is opposed to the traditional civil rights goal of a color-blind society in which government treats us equally, regardless of our race or ethnicity.

Your tax dollars at work.