Neighborhood Advocate & Former Commissioner Gloria Ma’ae Appointed To Anaheim City Council Vacancy

The Anaheim City Council voted tonight voted to appoint long-time resident and neighborhood advocate Gloria Sahagun Ma’ae to represent council District 2, filling the vacancy by former Councilman Jordan Brandman’s resignation in August. She will be sworn in at the September 28 council meeting.

Ma’ae has lived in west Anaheim for 42 years, and has a long track-record of leadership and involvement in neighborhood improvement and civic affairs.

Ma’ae is a first-generation American. Her parents immigrated to the United States from Mexico, starting out as migrant farm workers.  She grew up in a household in which her parents modeled hard-work, thrift, the dream of homeownership and the embrace of upward mobility.

Speaking to the city council, Ma’ae laid out her priorities:

  • Be a fierce advocate for neighborhood reinvestment.
  • Compassionately address homelessness with a firmness that allows residents the full enjoyment of their parks and public spaces.
  • Public safety: the first duty of government is safeguarding its citizens from criminals.
  • Economic growth that generates funding to invest public safety, neighborhood improvement and revitalization, and fund “first-class” public services.

Speaking to the city council, Ma’ae told them, “When my husband and I became homeowners, we were determined to stay and do whatever it took to improve ours.”  She cited some examples, such as organizing anti-crime flashlight walks of their neighborhood; organizing neighborhood cleanups and the Rancho La Palma Tree Lighting at John Marshall park; and working with community services and the Police Department to improve their neighborhood. She was a leader in securing funding to increase street lighting and underground power lines, and installing a traffic light at Columbine and La Palma so school children could cross safely.

Ma’ae, a graduate of the Anaheim Leadership Academy, has served on a number of city commissions and boards during the past two decades, including:

  • North Anaheim Neighborhood Council (chair)
  • Rancho La Palma Tree Lighting (chair)
  • Anaheim Charter Review Commission
  • Citizens Advisory Board on Elections
  • Community Services Board
  • Support Our Anaheim Resort Advisory Board
  • Anaheim First (District 2 Chair and Board of Directors)

Ma’ae credited those years of service and involvement to strengthening her conviction that economic development is vital for neighborhood revitalization.

“I’ve learned that economic development is critical to the city budget and us residents,” Ma’ae told the council. “A strong economy means more resources for the residents of Anaheim.”

The council vote was four in favor of Ma’ae appointment: Mayor Harry Sidhu, Mayor Pro Tem Steve Faessel, and Councilmembers Trevor O’Neil and Jose Diaz.

Councilmembers Jose Moreno and Avelino Valencia abstained.


  1. I cannot think of a more caring and qualified person to fill that spot. Truly a long time champion of the residents and truly someone that cares about Anaheim over agenda. Congratulations Gloria.

    • David Michael Klawe

      I agree, out of the 10 applicants, Gloria was out there, visible and active on a very regular basis for over 20 years.

      I look forward to seeing her move forward for West Anaheim, from approving the Cal Trans agreement to turn over Beach Blvd. to the city, getting street improvements on Brookhurst from Crescent to Ball and much more.

      Once again, Congratulations Gloria, now it is time to get to work

  2. Cathy Dutton-Meyers

    Good choice for all the reasons listed above and more!

    She has worked hard advocating for her neighborhood and entire Westside of Anaheim. for many years. She listened and learned from her community and the City Council, all Departments– makes her well qualified to continue to advocate and make progress for District 2.

    Congratulations District 2 and Gloria.

  3. This is wonderful news for West Anaheim.


    Congratulations, Gloria. You were truly a great choice for West Anaheim. You have been involved since you moved here and the community is better off for your hard work.

  5. Gloria was the best of all the applicants. Involved, informed, and independent. Congratulations to both Gloria and the residents of District 2!

  6. Gloria will be a great representative for District 2. She knows and cares about West Anaheim, and is very qualified for the job.

    Jose Moreno was his usual hypocritical self, stirring the pot and trying to manufacture controversy. It made me so angry when he tried to paint Gloria as not qualified! Gloria brings far more experience and community activism to the table than Moreno did.

    And this is the same Jose Moreno who campaigned for Denise Barnes, the most unprepared, unqualified person to ever sit on the city council!

  7. Gloria is a brilliant woman, and highly qualified for the job. Bravo to our council for making a great decision!

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