From Center for Racial Justice in Education’s “Talking About Race” training, which will be conducted at Katella and Cypress high schools.

The Anaheim Independent has been reporting on the Anaheim Unified High School District hiring the Center for Racial Justcie in Education – a radical New York City-based advocacy group – to implement its “Racial Justice In Organizations” (RIJO) program at Katella and Cypress high schools.

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A key part of this program are the CRJE’s Talking About Race workshops for teachers to instruct them in the CJRE’s woke understanding of racism. As we reported last week, the training is intensely ideological. For example, participating teachers are taught that only white people can be racist; that judging people by their character rather than their skin color is a form of white supremacy; and that non-white people cannot, by definition, be racist.

There’s nothing wrong with school districts contracting with outside vendors to help educators become better at teaching their subject matter.  It’s quite another to use taxpayer dollars to fund ideological indoctrination – and that is what the AUSHD is doing.

An October 2020 report about Talking About Race, commissioned by the Center for Racial Justice in Education, confirms this.

Keep in mind, the reports authors share the ideological views of the CRJE and are supportive of its goals. However, the report unwittingly acknowledges the anti-racist zeal of the trainers is tantamount to indoctrination, quoting a training participant’s criticism:

“It’s basically like, they shove stuff down your throat. That training, while it does provide a lot of good information, it doesn’t really allow for allot of discussion or pushback or – they’re very centered on their mission, and they want to drive it home. Instead of listening to someone and then kind of explaining it to them, hearing them out and talking, engaging in dialogue with them, they’re very like ‘Race is uncomfortable. Deal with it.’ and just plow through.”

In other words, it’s more like a revolutionary re-education camp than teacher development training.

The district has literally hired a political advocacy group to conduct training workshops in which the white teachers will be told only they can be racists, and the non-white teachers that it is impossible for them to be racist. If a white teacher denies they are racist, that it is simply proof that they are – at least according to the crazy-quilt “anti-racism” ideology that animates the Talking About Race training.

No normal, sensible person believes that.

The Center for Racial Justice in Education is a radical organization with a political purpose. The precepts that guide its action are far out of step with mainstream America. For example, its Talking About Race workshop tries to convince teachers that wanting to be judged as an individual rather than a member of racial or ethnic group; pride in rising by dint of ones effort, talent and accomplishments; seeing people as individuals rather than members of racial groups; even placing value on data over anecdotes. According to the Talking About Race training, those are all manifestations of white supremacy. And that is what will be taught to teachers and staff at Katella and Cypress high schools, with the approval and support of the AUSHD Board of Education.

What the AUSHD is funding has more in common with “struggle sessions” from Mao’s Cultural Revolution than anything resembling normal teacher development. The Center for Racial Justice in Education’s own report admits they are shoving their ideas about race down teachers’ throats. The CJRE’s program is so blatantly ideological it is astounding the AUSHD Board approved it unanimously with virtually no discussion.