Al Jabbar Holds Anaheim City Council Campaign Fundraiser…In Irvine

On November 7, Al Jabbar held a fundraiser for his Anaheim City Council campaign…in Irvine.

Jabbar is a member of the Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD) Board of Education and is running for the open District 3 council seat that is currently represented by his close friend and political ally Jose F. Moreno.

Generally speaking, invites to campaign fundraisers include the location of the event.  Jabbar’s invite cagily states the address will only be provided upon RSVP:

Judging from this video posted by Jabbar supporter Rashad Al-Dabbagh, it appears to have been held on a school site (in Irvine):

During the fundraiser, Jabbar says “a lot of people” told him not run because District 3 is a majority Latino seat.

“So they told me, “Al, don’t run, you can’t win,'” Jabbar said.

Jabbar then joked, “Well, maybe you can run, but change your name. You can be ‘Alejandro Jabbar from Michoacan!” eliciting chuckles from the audience.

In this day and age, the woke Twitter mob would be all over any white Republican who cracked a joke like that. But for a left-wing radical-of-color, it’s OK.

Jabbar is already playing fast and loose with the facts, He falsely claimed Angel Stadium “was appraised at $700 million to $900 million.”  In fact, according to the city-commissioned appraisal – which is publicly available to Jabbar and everyone else on the city website – the highest appraised value for the stadium site was $500 million...if the entire 153-acre site was sold for non-stadium development.

Jabbar went on “It was sold to Angel Stadium [sic] for $350 million, and now we’re getting about $150 million for it.”

Again, Jabbar has his facts wrong. Arte Moreno-controlled SRB Management is buying the stadium site for $320 million – at the high end of the appraised value of $300 to $320 million as a baseball stadium.

The Angels are paying the $320 million with $150 million in cash and $170 million in the form of affordable housing, parks, and other amenities requested by the city.

Other key elements of the agreement that Jabbar omits:

  • The Angels commit to staying in Anaheim until 2050.
  • The cost of renovating the existing stadium or building a new one will be borne entirely by the Angels – with no taxpayer subsidies.

Then again, this is the same Al Jabbar who claims AUHSD students suffered no learning loss during a year-and-half of forced distance learning.

Teachers Union Activists Endorse Jabbar For City Council

File this under “Dog Bites Man”: all five trustees of the Anaheim Elementary School District Board of Education have endorsed Jabbar’s council candidacy.

This is about as unexpected as the sun rising in the morning.  Four of the five trustees are current or former AUSHD teachers: Juan Alvarez, Ryan Ruelas, J. Paolo Magcalas and Mark Lopez.  Lopez, Alvarez and Ruelas are all teachers union operatives. All five are long-time political allies of Jabbar’s.


  1. What does Alejandro Jabbar have to say about Dr. Jose Moreno supporting Sex Freak Julio Perez.

    Does Alejandro have a position on Young Women serving their Master” what about Vern and Donna’s illicit texts/tweets.

    It’s not like he’s not going to be asked.

  2. Jabbar’s fundraiser was indeed held at a school: New Horizons Elementary School in Irvine. It is a private Islamic school. It is also a 501c3 non-profit and therefore prohibited from supporting political candidates. Jabbar and the people who organized this fundraiser have jeopardized the school’s non-profit status.

    Way to go, Al!

  3. “The cost of renovating the existing stadium or building a new one will be borne entirely by the Angels – with no taxpayer subsidies.” Seriously?

    That’s because the subsidies are “$170 million in the form of affordable housing, parks, and other amennities requested by the city.”

  4. I think you need to acquaint yourself with the meaning of the word “subsidy.”

  5. Do NOT vote for Al Jabbar. He is part of the Jose Moreno group. They all are bad for Anaheim.

  6. Mitch Caldwell for District 3 perhaps?

    • David Michael Klawe

      No, Mitch isn’t running. Natalie Rubalcava is running, great Anaheimer and very qualified to become a Councilperson.

  7. I hope Mitch Caldwell runs for District 3

    • Give up already. Mitch ain’t running.

      You people are supposed to be all excited about Natalie “OCBC” Rubalcava, who – even though she’s a Democrat – is too compromised for the DPOC even.

  8. Vern you should not talk about too compromised.

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