The Downtown Disney shopping, entertainment and retail center will undergo a major, multi-year renovation starting in 2022 – it’s first major re-design since opening in 2001.

The popular destination will be re-imagined along mid-century modern architectural lines reminiscent of the booming post-war Orange County where Disneyland was built and launched in 1955.

The Earl of Snadwish restaurant, the former AMC movie theaters, the Sugarboo store and Starbucks West End coffee shop will be demolished as part of the renovation.

“As we’ve seen during the pandemic, people shopping, dining and visiting the Anaheim Resort is critical to what we do as a city,” commented Anaheim spokesman Mike Lyster. “We welcome this project, which will take space now underutilized and bring new ways for people to shop and dine in Anaheim.”

This Downtown Disnye renovation will take place within the framework of existing development approvals, and are not part of the recently announced DisneylandForward project that will dramatically alter the Resort landscape in the near future.