Waste Collection Resuming In Anaheim

From the City of Anaheim:

There is a tentative agreement to resume waste collection service in Anaheim, with Republic Services workers off the picket line this morning.

Today we will continue to see limited but expanding service for scheduled pickup areas and priority sites.

In coming days, we expect to see service start to normalize and get better each day into next week.

Please know your city has played a leading role in getting us to where we are by advocating for our residents and businesses.

Here’s what to know:

Thursday scheduled pickups

Put all of your bins at the curb and treat today like a holiday schedule. You could see limited service today, including pickup of just black household waste bins. If you don’t see service, leave bins out for Friday, as if on a holiday schedule, for likely service that day.

Friday scheduled pickups
Put all of your bins out the night before or Friday morning. You may see limited service on Friday. If no service, leave them out for likely collection on Saturday.
Next week scheduled pickups

Put all of your bins and any extra bagged trash out as scheduled. We look to see full service resume and improvement each day. Note that drivers will be getting caught up and there still could be some uncollected waste or missed pickups here and there as we fully return to normal over several days.

Missed collections past week

Take up your bins up and await your next regularly scheduled collection day. Use trash bags as needed, consider double bagging and make sure to tie bags closed. Bags will be collected along with bin waste on your next scheduled day.

Businesses seeing waste buildup should call Republic Services at (714) 238-2444 to ask about service out of health and safety concerns. Otherwise, look to see upcoming service as we return to normal.

Apartments, townhomes

Apartment and townhome community residents should bag waste and place in community bins. If full, check with your property manager for guidance. Property managers can reach out to Republic at (714) 238-2444 about contingency service. Otherwise, look to see upcoming service as we return to normal.

Billing credits, street sweeping

Anaheim will be crediting waste collection bills for any missed pickups. Street sweeping is not impacted and continues as scheduled. There are no citations for bins or bags on the street.

“Reliable waste collection is critical for Anaheim,” Mayor Harry Sidhu said. “We know how frustrating this is for families, businesses and everyone in our city. We have worked on behalf of residents to restart home service and secured expanded collections at critical business locations across our city. We are the only impacted city seeing this level of service.”

Partial Anaheim home waste collection is underway and is expected to pick up through the week and beyond.

Limited residential service started Monday in west Anaheim, expanded for those west of Harbor Boulevard on Tuesday, and continues Wednesday with homes in downtown and other parts of central Anaheim.

Residents around and east of the 57 freeway will see partial service on Thursday and Friday.

Residential service remains limited, and not all homes are seeing service just yet. In some cases, home service may include just waste pickup and not recycling and yard waste.

Service in Anaheim has been disrupted since Dec. 9 amid contract discussions and a labor work stoppage at Republic Services, the city’s contracted provider for waste and recycling collection.

Working with Anaheim, Republic has provided expanding contingency service during the disruption, focused first on healthcare, schools and other locations where health concerns are the highest and then broadening to some homes and other businesses.

Anaheim is not directly involved in contract talks between Republic and its employees, but the city has offered support for a resolution that restores service to our community as soon as possible.

While Anaheim stands ready to see the matter settled, agreement also requires the support of neighboring cities serviced by Republic.

“We have heard from our community,” said Sidhu, who, as mayor, represents Anaheim at large. “They want to see service restored. We stand ready to support a reasonable resolution that expands collection as soon as possible.”

Talks between Republic and its workers continued Wednesday after a full day of discussions on Tuesday.

“Republic Services is encouraged that negotiations have resumed with the union representing our Orange County employees, and we feel we are making progress toward a competitive contract that is fair for all,” the company said in a statement. “Republic is grateful for the support of our municipal partners, in particular, the city of Anaheim and its leaders, who have played a key role in facilitating the restoration of collection service across the region and encouraged a resolution to the work stoppage. This collaborative approach across all of the cities we serve will be essential to resuming normal service for our customers as quickly as possible.”

We will continue to update on expanding service and any other updates here and at the city of Anaheim on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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