Even after Disneyland re-opened last year, a major missing element was the trams that shuttled excited and weary (depending on the time of day) guests between the Mickey & Friends and Pixar Pals parking structures and plaza connecting Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. For the last several months, guests had to trudge the two-thirds of a mile distance on foot.

That ends February 23, when the tram service returns. Disneyland has spent the past few months re-hiring tram operators and conducting maintenance on the vehicle. New sensors are being installed at loading/unloading stations and crews are doing practice runs after-hours.

Guests will not be required to wear masks on the trams.

No More Masks…Mostly

The most welcome news for Disneyland Resort guests is an end to the indoor masking requirement, a mandate under which many guests chafed while waiting in line for attractions, and continuously taking their masks on and off during their visit to the parks.

This move follows the lifting of the statewide indoor mask mandate on Tuesday, and the County of Orange ending its indoor masking requirement on February 16. Disney lifted its requirement beginning February 17.

The indoor masking requirement is lifted for vaccinated guests; their unvaccinated brethren will still be required to wear them indoors. All guests will still have to wear masks while using enclosed transportation such as the buses that shuttle them between the Resort and the Toy Story parking lot.