New Townhome Community On Beach Blvd. Opens To Public

From the City of Anaheim:

The rebuilding of Beach Boulevard is for real.

At Beach and Lincoln Avenue, models for the 65-townhome Nolin community opened to the public on Saturday.

The new community is part of changes coming to the long empty corner with plans also in the works for a shopping center known as 39 Commons.

As you can see, Nolin’s stylish tri-level townhomes are bringing new life to Beach with residents who’ll be invested in a better future for west Anaheim. You can learn more about Nolin here.

Redevelopment is a big part of our long-term plan for Beach, which we are looking to rebuild as an inviting, walkable street with new homes, shops, restaurants and other businesses.

As redevelopment plays out today and in coming years, we’re also addressing public safety and quality of life issues along Beach now.


  1. Would love to apply to purchasing one. What is the requirement

    • David Michael Klawe

      The former Tool Shack and other buildings are being demolished currently, right across the street from Nolin. This will improve the area until something new and better can be built, more than likely new housing.

  2. Interested in a 3 bdrm, 2 ba, 2 car gar. Please send prices, requirements other options and project completion and move in. Thank you

  3. David Michael Klawe

    Here is the direct link to get more information on the Nolin’s offerings, pricing and other requirements.

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