Anaheim City Councilmembers Call On Mayor Sidhu To Resign In Wake Of Corruption Probe

Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Trevor O’Neil, in a letter also signed by Councilmembers Steve Faessel and Jose Diaz, is formally calling upon Mayor Harry Sidhu to resign, following the revelation he is the target of an FBI corruption probe.

In an affidavit filed last week, the FBI alleged Sidhu “shared privileged and confidential information with the Angels during stadium sale negotiations, actively concealed same from a Grand Jury inquiry, and expects to receive campaign contributions as a result.”

The letter was transmitted to Mayor Sidhu via his attorney, Paul C. Meyer.

“As Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Anaheim, I, along with City Council Members Stephen Faessel and Jose Diaz, am writing to formally request the resignation of your client, Harry Sidhu, as Mayor of  Anaheim,” read the letter:

“The deeply troubling issues that have come to our attention involving Mayor Sidhu since May 16, 2022, raise serious concerns and questions about his ability to continue as mayor of Anaheim.”

“I and my City Council colleagues now must seek to support the continuity of municipal government, uphold the
public trust and continue with the business of the City of Anaheim without the distraction and uncertainty created
by the federal investigation involving Mayor Sidhu.”

“We thank you for expediting this urgent matter. We thank Mayor Sidhu in advance for acting in the best interest of

At last night’s council meeting, Councilmembers Avelino Valencia and Jose F. Moreno also called for Sidhu’s resignation.

On Tuesday, the Orange County Superior Court granted a request by Attorney General Rob Bonta to pause the stipulated settlement between the city and the state that cleared the way for a revised agreement selling the Angel Stadium site to SRB Management (a business partnership led by Angels owner Arte Moreno).

If Mayor Sidhu resigns, the council would have 60 days to appoint a replacement or schedule a special election.


  1. Still waiting for coverage of Todd Ament’s arrest!

    Even so, innocent until proven guilty. Or is that only for violent criminals?

    Sidhu and Ament will have to face these charges. So far it’s a vehicle registration tax scheme (Sidhu) and lying to mortgage lender (Ament). The other stuff looks sleazy in print but not clear illegality is involved. We’ll see how that plays out.

    It’s weird and disappointing to see the Voice of OC transform itself into the Voice of the FBI. Zero skepticism in VOC coverage, just swallowing every FBI claim whole. Agent Adkins is talking out of his behind in much of his analysis in the Ament complaint. So much for holding the powerful accountable (and the FBI is THE most powerful player here).

    It is gross to read Vern Nelson, of all people, moralizing. 5 DUIs. Jail time. A credible sexual harassment allegation. Sending obscene messages to that activist last year.

  2. Let Vern and friends have their moment in the sun.

    Five DUI’S., credible sexual assault allegations, singing songs at council meetings and what appears to be a DEEPLY troubled wife. Vern is a ZERO.

    As for the Robbin’s Jeanie Robbins publicly said her 22 year old Son, Daniel, with his CSUF B.A. is “The Smartest Man I Have Ever Met”.

  3. Vern’s not a zero. He has talent as a writer, but he has some seriously disturbing character flaws, to put it mildly. None of which seem to bother the claque that are so quick to criticize other’s failings.

    The same clowns who shout that the council majority “should have known!” give Ashleigh Aitken a pass on her claims to have been unaware of Melahat’s corruption when hiring her as a campaign consultant. Plus I get a kick out of these law enforcement haters worshipping at the altar of the FBI. After all, those guys NEVER lie or get it wrong!

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