To say woke progressive activists view society through a racial lens would be an understatement. To paraphrase Vince Lombardi, when it comes to how the woke Left approaches policy and politics, race “isn’t everything – it’s the only thing.” Who one is as an individual is subordinate to one’s racial/ethnic/gender identity.

Case in point: a July 15, 2021 tweet from Karen Romero Estrada, a left-wing political activist who is one of Councilman Jose F. Moreno’s council aides:


The Housing Element Update Committee (HEUC) to which Estrada refers advised city staff and its consulting team while they drew up Anaheim’s 2021-2029 Housing Element Update. Here is the roster of the 15- member committee.

which was made up of:

  • An affordable housing advocate (Kennedy Commission President Cesar Covarrubias)
  • A Building Industry Association representative
  • One for-profit housing developer
  • One non-profit housing developer
  • And emergency shelter and permanent supportive housing and services representative
  • A senior housing development representative
  • A disabled community representative
  • A “housing advocate”
  • Seven Anaheim residents

In other words, HUEC membership was directly relevant to its mission.

Let’s unpack Estrada judgment: “It’s mostly white people except for a person or two. This group of recommending the type of housing Anaheim should have for the next 8 yrs. Anaheim is mostly people of color & renters. This is not what Anaheim looks like.”

What she is really saying is racial identity is dispositive, the source of political legitimacy. The cumulative and individual expertise of HUEC members is less important than a physical characteristic like their pigmentation. She assigns more more legitimacy to an externality than knowledge and agency. It annuls individuality and embraces the retrograde belief that only people of color can make decisions for people of color.

IN her last comment, Estrada seems to be saying that if an area of Anaheim has less affordable housing than other areas, it’s evidence “segregation” is at work. And the affluent character of Anaheim Hills residents – regardless of their actual diversity – makes them doubly suspect.

Estrada, however, is mirroring her boss’ views. A constant of Moreno’s politics has been a fixation on racial and ethnic identity as an organizing political principle.