Mayor Pro Tem Trevor O’Neil announced his campaign for Mayor of Anaheim today. He has served as acting Mayor of Anaheim since May, during which time he has maintained a balanced budget, led the way toward restoring public trust in City government, and promoted economic development policies that have benefited all Anaheim residents.

“I am running for Mayor to represent the interests of everyone in Anaheim from West Anaheim to Downtown, to the Colony and the Hills. The focus should not only be on big businesses, but on how our residents and neighborhoods benefit from what these industries bring to our city,” said O’Neil.

“In order to improve the quality of life for each and every neighborhood throughout our city, I will put that economic benefit to work towards increased community investment, stronger public safety, and expanded programs for our youth,” continued O’Neil.

Mayor Pro Tem O’Neil has lived in Anaheim for over 25 years and sent his children to public schools in the city. A small businessman who runs a company providing home health care services for senior citizens, the disabled, and other vulnerable individuals, Trevor was elected to the City Council four years ago. On the City Council, he’s helped prioritize public safety, address homelessness, improve parks and library services, and enhance neighborhood investments.

“Trevor O’Neil is the best candidate to represent the people of Anaheim as Mayor,” said Assemblyman Phillip Chen, who graduated from high school in Anaheim and previously worked as a healthcare policy advisor. “Trevor O’Neil’s small business background in healthcare gives him the insight to represent the thousands of working Anaheim families while also understanding what it takes to create jobs and hold government accountable.”

“Anaheim would be well-served by electing Trevor O’Neil to represent the interests of the entire city as Mayor,” said Assemblyman Steven Choi, Ph.D. “Trevor O’Neil is a community leader who listens to all voices and will enhance roads, parks, and public safety in Anaheim.”

Mayor Pro Tem Trevor O’Neil represents Anaheim on the Boards of the Transportation Corridor Agency, Association of California Cities-Orange County, Orange County Council of Governments, and Southern California Association of Governments. He is also an active community leader, serving as Chairman on the Board of Directors of the Orange County Taxpayers Association and supporting the Anaheim Boys and Girls Club. He is also a former Anaheim City Commissioner and school district bond oversight committee vice chairman.