All AUHSD, AESD Incumbents Are Running Unopposed

In an article on Monday about city council and school board races in Orange County, the Voice of OC quoted Fullerton College political science professor Jodi Balma:

“Balma also noted there’s an organized effort to elect conservatives to local school boards, but no similar effort on the left.”

Really? If so, that effort has overlooked the board of education for the Anaheim Union High School District and the Anaheim Elementary School District – two of the most progressive-Left school boards in the county.

No Election In AESD – Incumbents Win By Default

Three of the AESD’s five trustees were up for re-election: Ryan Ruelas, Mark Lopez and Juan Gabriel Alvarez.

None of them drew a challenger, and so there will be no elections in their respective trustee areas. Alvarez, Lopez and Ruelas each get another term by default.

Which is too bad. All three are employees of the AUHSD. All three are teachers union activists: Ruelas serves on the state council of the radical California Teachers Association and Alvarez is an officer of the Anaheim Secondary Teachers Association. All three supported the disastrous pandemic experiment in shutting down the schools and forcing teachers and students into remote learning, with the damaging learning loss and mental health problems that followed.  All three were supportive of mask mandates that studies show had virtually no impact on the spread of COVID, but did make teaching more difficult and inculcated in students the belief that they were disease vectors.

All three – especially Alvarez – have been vocal supporters of Ethnic Studies, a variant of Critical Race Theory. All three voted to make it a graduation requirement for the children of their K-6 school district. And it is not simply a class those children have to take but Ethnic Studies ideology is also woven into the entire curriculum.

In AUHSD, Two Incumbents Get A Pass

In the AUHSD, Trustees Annemarie Randle-Trejo and Anna Piercy are running unopposed.  Randle-Trejo is another progressive activist and Jose Moreno supporter who ran for Anaheim City Council in 2020 in District 4.

Only one AUSHD trustee area is being contested: there are three candidates:

1) Billie Joe Wright: the teachers union activist who sued the OC Board of Education last December to throw out the district map that was approved by the conservative OCBE majority.

2) Jessica Guerrero, a twentysomething staffer for Supervisor Doug Chaffee who is being supported by Jose Moreno and Al Jabbar. Guerrero is a typical woke progressive who embraces identity politics, and thinks requiring college applicants to take SATs or ACTs is discriminatory.

3) Linda Martinez – I don’t know who this is. She has no ballot statement and her ballot title is “Parent.”

It’s astonishing that after a two years of mismanaging the COVID pandemic and following union demands that inflicted learning loss of their students, these five trustees got a hall pass and will not have to face the voters.

If there is indeed an organized conservative effort to recruit school board candidates, it has failed to focus on two school districts where such an organized effort is needed most. For the next two years, progressive groupthink will continue to be a signal characteristic of the AESD and AUHSD boards of education.


  1. I gues the bros and bra’s “clubs” can focus on door knocking for the Matsuda/ Moreno candidates. If you are happy with the Matsuda performance – totally unchecked by Al Jabber- then cast your vote to keep them in power.

  2. Jabbar gave. Matsuda a raise at twice the rate of other employees

    Matsuda gave Jose Moreno’s wife a promotion

    Robert Saldivar got promoted

    Now they are working hard to get Saldivar’s cousin on the school board.

    • I’m.glad someone finally look into this . this is being going on for years and has to stop everyone on this little mafia has to go .

  3. The Pervert On Anna Drive

    Considering the repeated high scores these schools achieve………

  4. Anaheim High’s scores went down every year Saldivar was principal- now it makes sense as they are trying to get his cousin on the school board.

  5. What qualifies Mark Lopez to be on the school board. This group is disgusting but no one will run against them because they will unleash their regime. We had better watch the other elections as they come up, city council ect. One by one …

  6. We really need fresh voices- free from control and corruption. Jose Moreno controls both the anaheim Union and Anaheim elementary school districts. Key to make this change is elect someone that is not working for them. The ultra liberal wing of the teachers Union even supports the gal who works for Al Jabbar. We should all be asking why they are backing her and what is in it for them.

  7. I’m glad to hear that Jackie Filbeck ( the only non AUHSD employee on the Anaheim Elementary school board) and Anna Piercy (AUHSD board) have backed Billie Joe Wright. Sounds like the non aligned members of these boards are getting tired of the inside baseball.

    • Billie Joe Wright is just another flavor of teacher union activist. And name one instance where Filbeck has stood up to Ruelas-Alvarez-Lopez-Magcalas?

      • Maybe man-ip- u- lated

        I don’t think she is phony. But she has been manipulated. Ryan Rueles has always bragged about how he owns her – and I think she is realizing what kind people all of the Moreno clan are. So give her a chance.

  8. Interesting that Jose Moreno is arguing that young lady running for school board is qualified based solely because she grew up in the community.

    However in the city council election he is saying that very qualified lady that is running against the less qualified Al Jabbar should not be trusted in spite of her being born and raised in Anaheim. And of course Al did not grow up in Anaheim.

  9. Let’s see,
    Matsuda’s sister promoted to principal – then retired with additional pension.

    Matsuda’s son hired to work at the learning management company that has the AUHSD contract

    Matsuda’s ex girlfriend sold the district cookies.

    Moreno’s kids awarded the AIME money

    Moreno’s wife hired and promoted

    Ryan Rueles promoted to administrative position

    Alvarez promoted to administrative position

    Who am I missing? I am sure there is more. Seems like the hiring and promotion is pretty shady stuff coming from the guys that say Disney and the Angels are the big bad wolf.

    Maybe it takes one to know one.

  10. Vote for anyone not aligned with Jose Moreno. He is bad for Anaheim. One by one we need to vote them out, all of them. Don’t be fooled by their data/promises, actually anything they say. We as residents need to vote for candidates that are going to heal Anaheim and begin to return Anaheim to its former glory. We had a pretty, clean, good city. We can have it again. Know our candidates and who they align with is the first step. Then care enough to vote out the ones related to Moreno’s group. We can do it.

    • Get rid of all cabals in Anaheim. Get rid of the Sidhu/Ament/Flint cabal and get rid of the Moreno/Jabbar/Matsuda cabal. Truly make Anaheim great again!

      • Sidhu resigned. Ament has been long gone from the Chamber and has pled guilty. Flint’s company imploded and he’s selling his house. Those guys are gone.

        But the Moreno/Matsuda/Jabbar cabal is very real. District employees are scared of being targeted by them. But the Voice of OC will never report on it because they’re in cahoots.

    • It looks like Trevor O’Neill, Gloria Ma’ae and Natalie Meeks really aren’t interested in running. I drive around and only see campaign signs for their competitors. Their competitors are also out precinct walking. In addition, O’Neill better not have too much faith in those poll results he’s bragging about. Plus or Minus 5 percentage points is not very accurate. All three of them need to get serious about their campaigns right now if they hope to be elected in November.

  11. Just curious, is it legal for a school board candidate to be promoted and boosted by administration of that school district?

    Many have complained about the collusion of Al Jabbar , Jose Moreno and the school district for years. Today is a great example as Ryan Rueles has invited students and teachers to meet at his mommy’s house to walk for his bosses preferred candidate.

    If this candidate wins, doesn’t it make sense that she would feel compelled to repay a debt. Similar to the way Al Jabbar has done? Matsuda is a joke. He has doubled the size of district office spending – test scores and attendees have both plummeted and yet people like Rueles and Matsuda get promotions and raises at twice the pace of all other employees.

    Make no mistake about it, Matsuda , Moreno and all of those that benefit from this Chicago style political machine know that if their 20 something hand picked candidate loses- they will lose the 3-2 majority and real accountability will follow.

    That’s why this is an all hands on deck moment and they are all at Ryan’s mommy’s house right now- and will deploying the door knocking bros , administrators and promotion seekers to a house near you soon!

  12. The time to run Jose Moreno and co. out of our city’s leadership is NOW. Please print a comprehensive list of anyone remotely connected to this regime. No on them all. One by one we must help our city by not electing them. This includes the school board as well as the city council. No on Al Jabbar is a start.

  13. Anaheim Concerned Resident

    As I read all the comments, I become more concerned for the future of our beautiful City of Anaheim and our local Anaheim school districts. As many of you know, Moreno, Jabbar, Matsuda are no good for our community. Linda Martinez (formerly Linda Lobatos) has stood up and ran against Jose F. Moreno and Al Jabbar in previous elections in Anaheim. She has had the courage to stand up against Moreno and Jabbar because she truly cares for her Anaheim community. Please do not be fooled by Moreno and Jabbar. They walk with an agenda. Please do not vote for Jessica Guerrero, she is Moreno’s and Jabbar’s next puppet at AUHSD. Jessica is not equipped to lead in the capacity of school board trustee. Please do not vote for Al Jabbar, it would be like having Moreno’s ideals and corruption at City Council continue. We need new genuine leaders that truly care for our City and our schools. We need to stop Jose F. Moreno and his entire Circus Clowns out of Anaheim and restore the greatness we once possessed.
    In addition the following are part of the Moreno cabal… at AUHSD Mike Matsuda needs to go!
    Robert Saldivar needs to go!
    Carlos Hernandez needs to go!
    Araceli Chavez needs to go!
    (Family and Community Engagement Manager
    Anaheim Union High School District)
    Mark Lopez needs to go!
    Teacher at (Gilbert High School, AESD board member)
    Ryan Ruelas needs to go! (Administrator at AUHSD, AESD board member)
    Lorena Moreno needs to go!(Administrator at AUHSD, Jose F. Moreno’s wife)
    Juan Alvarez needs to go! (Vice Principal at Sycamore Jr. High and AESD board member)
    Anne Marie Randle Trejo needs to go! (AUHSD board member)
    Paulo Macalas needs to go! (AESD board member)
    People please do your research… let’s vote for the right candidates. Let’s Take Back Anaheim from Moreno and anyone who stands with him!

    Please vote for Natalie Rubalcaba for Anaheim District 3 for City Council. Natalie grew up in Anaheim and cares for the future of our city.
    Please vote for Linda Martinez (formerly Linda Lobatos for AUHSD Board of Trustees) Linda has been a strong advocate for our Anaheim students for more than 20 years.

    We need to do our homework on who is running and vote those candidates that we feel are ready to bring good change to our beautiful Anaheim community.

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