Union Interests Pour Another $150,000 Into Electing Aitken, Jabbar and Leon To Council

Anaheim Resort union interests have dumped another $150,000 into their independent expenditure campaigns supporting Ashleigh Aitken for mayor and Al Jabbar and Carlos Leon for city council.  All three candidates are Democrats.

The $150,000 came from UNITE-HERE Local 11, a militantly progressive union that primarily represents hotel workers. $100,000 went into an IE committee supporting Aitken and Leon, and the other $50,000 into an IE committee supporting Jabbar.

This comes on the heels of $125,000 donated to the pro-Aitken/Leon committee by another Resort union, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 324. That brings to $275,000 the amount being spent so far by Resort unions to put Aitken, Leon and Jabbar on the Anaheim City Council.

Legalizing cannabis and then seeking to unionize those legalized cannabis businesses is a majorly priority for UFCW Local 324.

UNITE-HERE Local 11 currently trying to qualify for the ballot an initiative dramatically increasing the minimum wage at Anaheim hotels and event venues from the current $15 an hour to $25 an hour. The measure would also impose burdensome workplace rules that significantly increase labor costs – while exempting hotels and venues that signed unionization agreements with Local 11.

Aitken, Leon and Jabbar have so far declined to respond to requests for their positions on the $25 on hour minimum wage measure.


  1. So sad… These people are trying to buy an election.
    Aitkin wants to be the leader of the city, she is leading in the wrong direction. This is so disappointing, I was thinking of voting for her at the beginning.

  2. Logic lacking Leo

    It’s so difficult to follow team Moreno’s logic

    Taking support from any group makes you beholden to that group:
    – yes if you are Natalie Ruvalcaba because many pro business leaders support her- including the trade unions.and big bad Disney.
    – no if you’re Al Jabbar even though as a school board member he partnered with Disney and has thousands of dollars in low level union support… I am immune to corruption.
    -Yes if you are Billie Joe Wright because he… well we are not sure why, but trust Al on this one- a vote for Billy Joe is a vote for corruption.
    -No corruption if you vote for Jessica Guerrero…. Even though she is 25 and being propped up by Jose and Al, she will vote independently in management of a 500 million dollar budget. She will be particularly free from influence when it come to her dad and about a dozen other AUHSD family members.

    The line of reasoning defies logic

    • I’ll do you one better Leo,
      Al and Jose will use race when it suits them. But then ignore the obvious when it doesn’t suit them.

      For instance:
      Mayor race:
      AA is good even though she is a privileged white person from the hills

      School board race:
      Billy Joe is just not a man of the people ( even though he is 50 percent Latino) they paint him as a white guy that is an outsider.

      City council race:
      Al who is not from Anaheim should be voted for
      But Natalie who is from the community and attend local schools – well ya but Businesses like her, so local credentials are voided.

      Lou Correa ( what the call a sell out to his people) who went to Anaheim High School should be ousted because he doesn’t support their AOC/ Bernie leftist policies. Of course, Jose Morena really wants this political position so- he would be going after Lou for anything he could make up.

      It’s so confusing- because sometimes they say we should vote brown, sometimes vote local, sometimes vote white, sometimes vote Sri Lankan…. Sometimes vote gay, sometime vote straight. Sometimes vote female, sometimes vote male…

      The only conclusion I can come to is that they will say or do anything to get control of the city and keep control of the school districts.

  3. Saturdays at Ryan’s mommy’s house

    AUHSD administration led by head honcho Mike Matsuda is desperate to hang on to power. So much so that he has his administration hosting walks for his hopeful boss.
    How the teachers union could possibly back Jessica Guerrero when she is the district office choice is amazing. I guess they have no problem with a board that continues to give administrators raises at twice the pace of teachers and siphon money away from our schools.
    If you want to join District administration organizer Ryan Rueles- and all the kids that think they are doing 9 service/ democracy school activities – meet every Saturday with Ryan and the young boys at Ryan’s mommy’s house.

    • Disgusted Democrat

      I read that Mrs. Moreno invited the vile Vern and Donna Nelson to a Al Jabbar event in their home. I find that AMAZING. Notorious pornographic tweeters rubbing elbows with the leaders of the local elementary school district. This two make the LA CITY COUNCIL 3 look like saints.

      The post concludes by reminding us that Lorena and Joseoreno had Julio Perez the sex fiend, labor boss as a “Padrino” for their daughters Quincenera.

      If voters knew………

      • Jose is the hefe-

        I love how little Al Jabbar paints himself as a fighter for the people , but never called Mike Matsuda to task for spiraling test scores and enrollment.

        If elected to city council he will continue to do Jose’s bidding.

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