Vote ‘Yes’ on Measure J

As a conservative, I’m not fond of taxes. However, I also know the government services we need, like police, fire, and road repairs, are expensive. Therefore, we must find a way to pay for these services. The Transient Occupancy Tax is a way to bring in that revenue while minimizing the burden on the residents of Anaheim.

Measure J corrects a loophole in the Transient Occupancy Tax code that ensures that all visitors staying in an Anaheim hotel pay the same tax rate. This correction could bring $3 million more dollars in annual revenue to our city without forcing Anaheim residents to pay more taxes.

Currently, our city’s hotels’ Transient Occupancy Tax revenue represents 27% of Anaheim’s General Fund. That is money that we Anaheim residents don’t have to pay.   Without the Transient Occupancy Tax (also known as the TOT), each Anaheim household would pay about $1044 a year more in taxes and fees for the services they get right now.  For more info, please see this staff report dated 11/1/2022 (Staff Report35886.pdf (

We pay less than neighboring cities for our electricity and water because of the TOT. Many cities around us charge an additional sales tax to their residents on top of the County’s 7.75%. Our hotels’ TOT revenue deems such a tax unnecessary for our residents.

As a fellow Anaheim resident, please, join me in voting ‘Yes’ on Measure J.


  1. No argument here, Dave!

  2. And don’t forget to vote for Natalie Ruvalcaba. This our chance to move on from the selfish Al Jabbar. Selfie Al is a tremendous self promoter- he has certainly used our students to propel his career. But let’s vote for a successful local girl. One that benefited from our schools before Al made them so dangerous. Side note pray for a clean sweep and watch Doug Chafee lose his spot on the county board of supervisors. Al is his chief of staff and has done an awful job running that campaign too.

  3. No on Carlos Leon and Ashleigh Aiken too. Let’s vote all of Jose Moreno and Mike Matsuda’s group out of any leadership office in Anaheim, including the school board, one by one.

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