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City To Pay $1.22 Million for ACLU/Moreno Plaintiffs Legal Tab As Part of Council Districts Settlement

Part of the settlement reached in January between the City of Anaheim and the ACLU (representing ACSD Trustee Jose Moreno and two other plaintiffs), the city agreed to pay ACLU’s legal fees in an amount negotiated between...

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Anaheim Council Expected To Settling ACLU’s Single-Member Council Districts Lawsuit

What’s been buzzing around Anaheim for a few weeks is bleeding into the media (OC Register and VOC): during tonight’s closed session, the Anaheim City Council is expected to settle the ACLU’s lawsuit (for which...

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AUHSD Going to By-District Elections; Jose Moreno and ACSD Stick With At-Large System

Last week, the Anaheim Union High School District held a series of community forums “seeking community input into the boundaries that will be established under the new by-trustee-area method of electing the Board of...

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ACLU Goes Fishing; Demands Anaheim Turn Over Huge Trove of Documents, Emails and Texts

The ACLU is demanding the city turn over a trove of documents, voice-mails e-mails, and text messages – both official and personal — from a small army of current and former councilmembers, staff, city commission...

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