Ethnic Studies

AUSHD Paying Former Loara HS Ethnic Studies Teacher $4,000 To Train 50 Teachers In Controversial Curriculum

The Anaheim Union High School District is contracting with Anaheim Elementary School District Trustee Jose Paolo Magcalas to train 50 AUSHD teachers in Ethnic Studies “pedagogy.” It was Magcalas who brought Ethnic Studies to the AUSHD in 2015 when he was a U.S. History teacher at Loara High School. Magcalas and AUSHD’s progressive Superintendent Michael Matsuda are friends and political ...

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Ethnic Studies Teacher Finds Communist Tyrants “Inspiring”

Critical Race Theory is in the news as parents across the country mount grass roots rebellions against embedding this Marxian ideology into K-12 curriculum. Several Orange County school districts – including the Anaheim Union High School District and Anaheim Elementary School District – have added Ethnic Studies to their curriculum or made it a graduation requirement. Last week, the National ...

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