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Jose Moreno’s Intellectual Dishonesty on Ethnicity and Representation

A belief that genuine representation in government is a function of ethnicity and race underlies the campaign to divide Anaheim into single-member council districts. This is obvious to anyone who has observed this issue unfold...

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Kris Murray: Anaheim Elections: Residents, Not Special Interests, Will Determine Anaheim’s Governance

Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray has been a voice of reason and sanity on the issue of single-member council districts — which, it should be noted, would limit the representation currently enjoyed by Anaheim voters. As it...

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Representation-by-Race At Heart Of ACLU’s Council Districts Lawsuit

When you boil it down, the ACLU’s attempt to litigate the City of Anaheim into replacing the at-large system of electing the city council with single-member council districts is really about race; specifically classifying...

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