TONIGHT! Monday, Nov. 4: Community Meeting About Proposed 400MW Power Plant on Ball Road

Ball Road Basin plantAn energy company called Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) wants to lease the 20-acre Ball Road Basin (on Ball Road, along the Santa Ana River) from the Orange County Water District (OCWD), in order to build a 400-600 megawatt power plant there. The CPV plant would sell electricity to Edison (Anaheim residents are serviced by the Anaheim Public Utilities).

OCWD is expected to vote on the CPV proposal by early December.

Ball Rd. basin sports parkThe plan is opposed by the City of Anaheim — which wants to purchase the site for a sports park, instead — and a growing “Stop the Power Plant” coalition of Anaheim residents and businesses. This Monday, November 4 at 7:00 p.m. there will be a community meeting at The Phoenix Club, where representatives from the city and the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce will provide information and answer questions about impacts of the proposed power plant and the city’s plan for a sports park.

“Stop The Power Plant” also has a Facebook page you can “like.”

Once again, the community meeting is Monday, November 4 at 7:00 p.m. at The Phoenix Club.

According to sources, the power plant proposal is unanimously opposed by the Mayor and City Council, who recognize that it is not an appropriate or compatible use for the site.   CPV is pulling out the stops and hiring a team of lobbyists to try and change that, and thus far has retained Glaab & Associates, Adam Probolsky and former Anaheim Planning Commissioner Kelly Buffa.

If the OCWD Board of Directors approves the lease agreement, the ultimate approval must come from the California Energy Commission.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Not that I would support a power plant in that location – but how realistic is Anaheim’s sports park idea? Do they have funds available and a commitment to do that?

  2. Monday the 7th?

  3. The Anaheim sports park is very real – the council supported it as part of a community services workshop a couple of weeks ago. Developer mitigation fees from Platinum Triangle have been identified to fund the development. This park is very important for Anaheim residents and its a great location for it – central for the entire city.

  4. Well, Anaheim usually restaurants and hotels, maybe the power plant will have jobs that pay decent. I heard Cash Call is laying off. Fountain Valley has a water plant doesn’t hurt them.

  5. Who the hell would approve a power plant across the street from an equestrian center that services kids with autism and special needs?

    It sickens me that someone would even consider such a horrible thing. I dare any of the Anaheim or Orange council members to publicly support putting a power plant there.

    Both Anaheim and the City of Orange better fight like hell to keep a power plant from going on that property.

  6. This is crazy. I just looked up how many feet the power plant would be from the movie theater in Orange on Katella….LESS THAN 2000 FEET.

  7. Well… you are a reasonable guy… so I totally agree. Can we stick Orange with half the bill? It’ll probably be accessible to more of them… Now THAT is reasonable! Ugh!

    • I go to Prime Cut in Orange for dinner a few times a month. I am sure they and Kings Fish House are going to fight this thing.

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